Horses By Maya mahoney

Horses were the most common method of transportation in Spain in the 1500s. Horses first got introduced in many country's including the Americas by the Spain. The Spain breed thier horses and trained them. Some horses were trained for war, while others were trained for show. Today you can find a horse on a regular basis, for fun horseback riding, but when only Native Americas were here, thier were no horses. They never saw a horse before the Europeans came.
One of the many traditions that stuck with us in America is we use horses to farm. A farmer usually uses horses to plow crops or to carry the crops. Since horses are very strong they can be used to help carry heavy cargo. Some of farmers still use horses to carry cargo around, but horses have faded in the use of farm work because people can use automobiles such as a tractor or a truck.
Horses can also be used for show. Today horse shows can be in the circus or in the olympics etc. A lot of horse show are very formal and the rider have control of the horse. This the same for Europeans. Europeans traditional horse show are very formal. It takes lot of concentration and practice with training.
Horses were used in wars aswell. They were very good at carrying heavy things, so often horses would carry lots of weapons. They were the fastest way to get around and fighters took this chance to use horses in war. The war against the Native Americans and Europeans used horses. Horses were also used in World War I, but now that we have automobiles horses don't need to be used for war. Horses were the key for a lot of the wins in wars


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