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For my concept, I decided to create a travel app named JustGo. JustGo isn't the first travel app out there, but it offers different features that aren't available on any other travel related app. It is aimed at an average student age range (18-21), so it is mainly based on a low budget, which is one of the concepts main features; the ability to base your trip on how much you are capable of spending on it. In addition to this, JustGo gives the user the ability to customise their journey to suit them, by being able to decide their own route and the ability to include 'Hidden Gems' into the journey or being able to specifically search for them. The hidden gems section is a feature that looks for places of natural beauty or places for activities within a radius of your location or along the route you take to your chosen destination. It includes things that normal travel websites and apps wouldn't include and for the places that would take you a while to find if you were to search online. I have constructed a working design for my app which will be presented in the format of an Adobe XD page. In addition I have written a weekly blog to keep track of my work on this project that is linked through the University blogging system. Moreover, I have created a short 2 minute advert that shows some of the features of the app and capabilities of a journey whilst using JustGo, this will be on a YouTube link. And lastly, I have a research and development file that discusses my research surrounding my concept and the development of my ideas and the app itself; this will be uploaded separately via Blackboard.

Adobe XD page of working app:

Weekly blog: (If at first it doesn't display all posts, click on one post and at the bottom, it allows you to back through previous posts to the beginning, this has been a recurring issue with the blog posts)

Advert for JustGo:

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