Cabra Matters Term 3 Week 6 2019

Principal's Report

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,




Congratulations to our Junior Cricket team for making the PSSA Final a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, they were beaten by 20 runs. Special thanks to the coaches, Ms Butler and Mr Karantz.



Congratulations to Jasmine Song of 5/6N for being receiving a special “Best of the Best” Education Week award from Cabramatta High School. Jasmine was nominated by her teachers for her all round academic, sporting and citizenship skills.


We enjoyed a terrific Book Character Parade last Friday with many students and staff dressing as their favourite character. We had lots of students from Hogwarts School and a wide variety of other personalities, including Harry Potter’s long lost brother, Barry. The secret power of reading really shone through. Thank you to everyone who got into the spirit of the day and a big thank you to Mr Bassi for organising all of the events.



Last Monday, a workshop to explain to parents and carers how Maths is taught at our school was presented by Mrs Jara. Twenty five parents and carers attended the session and were very interested to hear about the work that is done in our classrooms. We are planning to hold some more workshops on other topics, such as literacy.


Last Thursday, our Year 6 students and staff hosted a visit by their pen pals from Avalon PS. Our students have been writing to their buddies throughout the year and met them for the first time on Thursday. This program is very beneficial for all involved as we are able to share what we do at Cabramatta and to improve our communication skills. Thank you to the students and families for providing yummy food which the Avalon visitors loved to eat. A big thank you to the Stage 3 staff for their efforts in helping our students write their letters and helping on the day. A very special thank you to Mr Nile for his outstanding organisation of the program. We look forward to visiting Avalon next term.


Last Saturday we had two teams of Stage 3 students participate in the Tournament of the Minds creative challenge competition which was held at the Western Sydney University. Our students made Creative Arts presentations Creative Arts with a play and a puppet theatre. They were also required to respond to a mystery challenge. While I teams did not win, they thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the process and developed their creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. I would like to congratulate the following students:

Jasmine Song, Kelly Phung, Ethan Ngov, Selina Zeng, Eidyn Tran, My Chi Ho, Kirsty Ho, Minh Thy Qarr, Nicholas Lin, Nancy Nguyen, An Tran, Andy Do, Raeley Antonio and Cindy Nguyen.

Special thanks to Ms Lam and Ms Stevanovska for giving the students guidance and support and to the parents and carers who joined the students on the day.

Kindest regards,

Glen Stelzer.

Year 3 Public Speaking

Year 3 held their Public Speaking Competition. These students were wonderful representatives. The final group will be announced and will represent Year 3 in the School Public Speaking Competition in Week 8.

Author and Illustrator Visit

Students enjoyed listening to author, Deborah Abela.

Students learnt to be an illustrator today with Ms Sharon Rowland

Celebrating SASS Staff

The SASS Staff at CPS would like to thank the Executive Team and Teachers for showing their appreciation for the jobs we perform in the school by holding a wonderful morning tea.

Learning with Ms Sharon

1S had a great time with Ms Sharon learning how to make rainbow chalk.

1M loved learning about chemicals, making sherbet and ate popping candy.

SF3 Kids is back for a second year in 2019 and we can't wait to share this amazing collection of smartphone films all made by filmmakers 16 years and under!

From an ant documentary, to bullying, scary Halloween parties and the impact smartphones are having on kid's lives, this eclectic collection of smartphone films is a fascinating look into the minds of today's youth and how they are focussing their creativity. A true celebration of the filmmakers of the future!

It's a program not to be missed. We can't wait to see you at Event Cinemas, George Street, Sydney at 2pm on September 14.

Check out the full program and synopses below:

1. 718 Thousand Hours by Kate Snashall - 14 years old (Mosman, NSW) - Filmed on iPhone 6S

“A spoken word poem motivating today's youth to embrace life more and spend less time on their devices.”

2. Say Something by Emily Prior. (From Kingsley, Perth, WA). Filmed on iPhone

“This short film is about Bullying. 1 in 4 Australian kids experience bullying. Bullying is never ok, it is incredibly hurtful and can impact someone for a very long time. This film Emily and her friends Rose and Sarah who stand up to a bully for their new friend Elliot.”

3. The Dingle Files by Alexander Struthers. (Sunshine Coast, QLD) Filmed on iPhone 6+

A "well established therapist", Dr Donny Dingle, showcases his methods for dealing with fears. But is this doctor for real?

4. Mute Button by 5G at Cabramatta Public School & Teacher Lawrence Sollorz Filmed on iPad

“A student has a remote control that allows her to mute her fellow classmates.”

5. Zombee by Olive Blakemore (From Mittagong, NSW) Filmed on iPhone 6S

"a fun kids horror short film"

6. Ants by Rocco Faddoul Roncato (From Wollongong, NSW) Filmed on iPhone 6

“This short film will show you how most ant colonies are formed! Also the film shows you how to start your own and colony!!!”

7. The Haunted Runaway by Zoe di Cristo (From Sydney, NSW) Filmed on iPhone 6S

“My film is about a young teenage girl being haunted by her worst nightmare, with no escape.”

8. Memory Wipe by Dylan Quick (From Melbourne, Victoria) Filmed on iPhone 6

“This is my first short film. Are aliens real? Are they coming for us?”

9. A Life’s Journey by Emilia Leopardi (From Mt Annan, NSW) Filmed on iPhone XR

“A film about life - Are we all just asleep?”

10. Pigeon Games by Caleb Willden Cole - 11 years old (From Petersham, NSW) Filmed on iPhone 6

"A group of pigeons have a game of chip-tag on a beach.”

11. The Difference Between Us by Kara Rose & Ella Humphreys - 15 years old (From Sydney, NSW) Filmed on a iPhone X

“Claire and Sam have been friends since Kindergarten but when Claire is uprooted by her hippy mother to live in India after having a vision, Sam wonders if the distance will impact on their friendship and dreams forever. But Claire does return and together they both embark on an adventure of achieving their childhood dreams.”

12. Screen Age by Cal Thacher (From San Francisco, USA) Filmed on iPhone X

“This film is about the unspoken, ongoing battle between one girl’s willpower and a conglomerate of tech algorithms designed to keep her logged on: A bookish girl wants to finish her homework before bedtime. But her online addictions to social media, games and shopping come to life and take her on a series of phantasmagorical adventures. The clock is ticking...can she resist temptation and get home in time?”

1M and 1S Woolworths Tour

1M and 1S had a great time at Woolworths, learning about fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods at the grocery store.

Years 5/6 Students Mentoring our Junior Students

Students from 5/6E supported 1KT students to learn about living and non living things. They went for a walk and drew what they found.

Creative Artworks

This week Year 1 were supported by Year 5/6 to create artworks based on their Science and Geography units.

Aboriginal Artworks

Year 4 helped to deliver rocks to the garden. These rocks were decorated by the students to represent Aboriginal artworks.

Book Week 2019

On Friday August 23rd, we held our Book Character Parade. Many parents and community members attended came together with the whole school to enjoy our parade of great literary figures. Have a look at some of the fantastic costumes.

CPS Production for 2019


Parent Workshop

Thank you to Mrs Jara for the very informative Mathematics workshop you delivered to the parents.

An exciting new scholarship has just been launched by the NSW Department of Education. Applications are now open for the teach.MathsNOW Scholarship, supporting the department’s commitment to ensuring that all NSW public school students have access to high-quality mathematics teachers.

Do you know an industry professional or university student in a career area requiring tertiary studies in mathematics, such as engineering, accounting, finance or IT, who would make a great secondary mathematics teacher? The teach.MathsNOW Scholarship offers an opportunity to change career path and retrain as a mathematics teacher in a NSW public school.

teach.MathsNOW scholars will receive up to $50,000 in equivalent upfront course contribution fees, paid part-time employment during studies and a guaranteed permanent teaching position in a NSW public school on successful completion.

For more information and to apply, visit: https://www.teach.nsw.edu.au/getpaidtostudy/teachmathsnow

Enrol Your Child Now

Our school is currently accepting enrolments for children who turn 5 by 31st July 2020 to begin Kindergarten in February 2020.

This is an exciting time in your child’s life and our school would like to be involved in your child’s learning.

If you would like to enrol your child at our school, please visit our school office.

To apply for enrolment, you will need to provide copies of the following documents.

• Child’s Birth Certificate

• Child’s Passport

• Child’s Immunisation Certificate

• Proof of Address

• Health Issues forms

• Doctor’s details

• Medicare Card

• Parent’s Identification (passport/citizenship papers)

• Visa Grant Notice

• Authority to Enrol

Once you have enrolled your child you will be invited to choose a day for them to attend the Transition to Kindergarten Program in Term 4. This program helps prepare your child for a successful start to Kindergarten.

We look forward to welcoming your child to our school. For further information, please contact the school on 9724 1534.

Our new school app is now active.

Cabramatta Public School has signed up to a new platform to help improve communication between our school and the parent community.

SkoolBag will be used to send app notifications regarding important events and school announcements. As well as a reference point for key documentation.

We are excited to be using technology to help bring our community closer together. Please follow the download instructions below.

What's happening?
  • September 2nd - Homework Centre
  • September 3rd - Regional Spelling Bee
  • September 3rd - NRL Skill Sessions
  • September 3rd - Year 6 Public Speaking
  • September 4th - Mathscup
  • September 4th - Year 2 Public Speaking
  • September 5th - Year 5 Public Speaking
  • September 5th - Year 1 Auburn Botanic Gardens Excursion
  • September 6th - PSSA
  • September 9th - Zone Athletics
  • September 9th - Homework Centre
  • September 9th - PaTCH
  • September 10th - NRL Skill Sessions
  • September 11th - Kindy, Yr 1 and Yr 2 Public Speaking
  • September 12th - Year 2 Georges River Excursion
  • September 12th - Avalon Public School performing for Yrs 3-6
  • September 12th - Stage 3 Public Speaking
  • September 13th - SSW Athletics Championships
  • September 13th - PSSA
Community Annoucements

Old Style Uniform On Sale

We have the following styles and sizes available in the old style uniform.

Boys Shorts for $8.00 Sizes - 6,8,10,12,14,16

Girls Skorts $10.00 Sizes - 4, 8,10, 12

New at the Uniform Shop

School Backpack $10

Library Bag $8

Uniform Shop is OPEN from

8.30am—2.30pm Monday to Thursday

8:30am—12pm Friday

CLOSED from 12pm on Fridays

The Uniform Shop is located in the front office.


Cash Only and No Refunds are given



We will no longer be collecting the money for any Scholastic Book Club orders at school. The catalogue's will still be sent home with your child. Then if you wish to order anything from the catalogue you will need to follow the steps below. Your order will then be delivered to the school and sent home with your child, as it has in the past.

Canteen News

Mini Lunch Packs

Not sure what to order for lunch? Why not try one of our mini lunch packs.

Each pack comes with

  • Mini cupcake
  • Mini fruit cup
  • Mini chocolate or strawberry milk
  • Mini jelly cup

Your choice of either

  • Devil wing
  • 2 chicken wings
  • Dim sim
  • Wedges
  • Party pies

Each pack comes with a hot food option of your choice.

Each pack costs $6.00

Thank you, from the canteen staff.

Mini Lunch Packs

Community News

For More Information, Click on the below link

Welcome to iParent

Where you can learn about the digital environment and how to help your child have safe and enjoyable online experiences. Click on the link below for more information.

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