Pregnancy Project By Juan Martin


Day 1

I got the baby from school and then I walked home and it cried three times during the trip which was a challenge carrying all the stuff and attending the baby. Later that day I had my friends over for my birthday and there were a lot of babies and with the music playing the crying was hard to hear and sleeping really late plus the baby crying at early ours was hard.

Day 2

This day I had community service plus not sleeping well it was a bad experience I could barely help with the community service because of the baby’s crying and it got me more tired. Later that day I had fanesca and it made the exhaustion way worst I got home late and went to sleep

Day 3

The baby started crying in the morning and it wouldn’t go to sleep it cried from really early up till 8:00 the baby turns off at 9 after all the crying in the morning I barely slept throughout both days around 6 hours in two days. When the baby turned off it was a big relieve.

Effect Analysis

The weight of the baby is an inconvenience for women causing pain to some extent. Socially it can cause discrimination especially in Christian communities. Pregnancy can cause stress and it can lead to eating disorders that can be damaging for your own health and the baby’s. The day to day life changes because of the new priorities it comes with. When there is pregnancy in school it raises many questions and discrimination. It feels the same but in the real situation it would changes drastically. Especially with how much weight you take to school with the amount of books it can generate more discomfort.


It is all dandy and sweet

Until you are in for a treat

This baby will not let you sleep

Two or three

Times at night

Cries with all his might

Five am

I would scream his name

To make him go quiet

It is the worst it can get


1. What was your initial reaction when you found out you were pregnant?

2. How was your pregnancy?

3. Did you have any cravings for any specific food?

4. Did you reach a full term pregnancy? If not, why?

5. How was I born?

6. What was my weight and length at birth?

7. How did I react immediately after birth?

8. How long did I stay in the hospital?

9. Who came to visit us at the hospital?

10. How did Mom feel after giving birth?

11. How did Dad feel?

12. How was I as a newborn?

13. As a newborn, did I breastfeed or bottle feed?

14. How many times during the night did I wake up?

15. What would I normally do during the day?

16. When did I start sleeping all night?

17. What was my favorite toy?

18. When did I start eating pureed food?

19. When was I able to sit on my own? Crawl? And, take my fist steps?

20. What was my first word?

21. Who took care of me most of the time? Did I have any babysitters?

1. We were very happy because we wanted a second baby, so you and your sister would play and share a lot of things

2. My pregnancy was completely normal

3. I don't remember any special craving

4. Yes, I reacher 38 weeks of pregnancy, which is considered a term pregnancy.

5. You were born through natural birth.

6. Very big.

7. You cried very quickly as it is expected from a newborn

8. 2 days

9. All of your aunts and your uncle came to meet you at the hospital.

10. I felt perfectly, the best thing of having a natural birth is that as soon as the baby is born, nothing hurts or bothers. You can move and do whatever you want.

11. Dad was very happy and maybe releaved by knowing we were both very good.

12. You were a very nice and quiet baby. You cried so little that whenever you cried a little bit louder your sister also cried because she worried about you, she thought you were sick or something.

13. You were breastfedfor 6 or 8 months

14. You never woke up by yourself, I had to wake you up 3 times at night for a month, then the doctor said you where so big and healthy that I didn't need to wake you up and you slept all night long without a problem.

15. Sleep and eat.

16. As I told you before: when you were a one month old.

17. The crib movile, you used to stare at it for a long time.

18. I think you started to eat cereal when you where 6 months old

19. You sitted down when you where 6 months, crawled at 10 months old and took your first steps when you where one year old.

20. Your first word: cat!!

21. I took care of you all of the time.

Financial Plan

Medical Consultation:

One appointment 60-70

Times a month: 14

Total cost: 700-840


Natural: 2400

Cesarean: 3000

Baby medical consultation:

One appointment: 45

How many times: 12

Total: 540


Times a day: 3

How many in a year: 1095

Brand One: 20.69

Brand Two:9.57

Average: 15.13

Total: 318.60


There role of a father in pregnancy is to support your partner but it wasn’t like that all the time it has evolved to be a more equal job being a parent. There are many fear such as responsibilities that can cause fear like the cost of having a baby, being a good father, being a good role model, the dedication it is required, and how you can help your child have a great future. It was a worthwhile experience this project but I wouldn’t repeat it. I learned that the role of parenting is more tiring than I thought. The project didn’t really change my opinion about pregnancy. The time of the project should change because it feels rushed. The hardest part was getting some sleep.

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