Christianity and Islam by Jacob Fellows

•Jesus Christ started or founded the Christian religion when he started teaching when he was 30 so around 30 AD. Before he started teaching his father was a carpenter and was trained by his father when he was younger. Although throughout his teachings he was rejected by the Pharisees and other people. There was still many followers of Christ and his 12 apostles. But the haters of Jesus got there way when he was crucified on a hill

•After Jesus left the apostles continued on the work including Peter and some others that were converted to the gospel like Saul who turned to Paul. But overall it was Peter and Paul

The division of Catholics was started by Martin Luther and his 95 thesis. Martin Luther basically said in his 95 thesis that you get a spot in heaven instead of paying for cleansing. And lots of people agreed with him and his thoughts on heaven so they split off from the catholic church starting the protestant split. The Catholics had complaints

Martin Luther was a man of many professions he was a German professor of theology, composer, priest, and monk. But what he is most famous for is his part in the protestant catholic split and his 95 thesis. His 95 thesis basically was an objection to catholic corruption through their use of paid indulgences to clean people of their sins. Martin Luther was completely against this and so he posted his 95 thesis that proposed that people can only gain heaven through their good works. Before all this though they were other problems than bought plenary Indulgences. He posted these on a church door.There were also people selling fake relics. They sold like bits of the cross, a bottle of Christ's blood and saints blood. But before people could buy those they had to get licenses from priests which priests would approve just to get money. The Catholic responded forcefully after they were all of accused of all those things.

The Catholics believe that Peter was the first pope of the church. And the protestants don’t really agree with that and the protestants don’t really think that Mary Is the mother of the church. They also have similar but the protestants have a different take on forgiveness they both think that it is only through the grace of god can they be saved. But Catholics actions can earn you part of your salvation while the protestants believe that actions show your faith but cant get you to heaven.


The counter reformation or Catholic reformation was the reconfiguring of the church to keep members after the protestant split. One of the first things they did was train the priests to do things differently. And they also changed the structure of the church. But the most important thing they did was the council of Trent that condemned the Protestant church. There was also the inquisition that was the Catholics judicial system during the counter reformation. An Important part of the counter reformation was the peace of Augsburg which was a treaty between Charles the V and the Schmalkaldic League signed on 25 September 1555.

* There were 2.13 billion christians of 2010 which is near a 3rd of the population

* Christianity is predicted to be growing a total of 770 million believers by 2050. The reason for this is biblical orthodoxy is winning over the southern people like Latin America Africa and Asian country's, its because those people interpret there own Morales and ideas from the bible in a way starting something for themselves and because lots of those people going into this are really conservative they all have there own ideas.

The founder of Islam is Muhammad a prophet was born around 750 AD.

Muhammad was an orphan at 6 years old and lived with his uncle while he was there he was a shepherd.

He later worked as a manager of caravans for merchants were he learned a lot about other religions

At the age of 40 he received a revelation while meditating that he was a prophet

He faced opposition in the beginning but he eventually became one of the biggest leaders of Arabia from 609 to 632 he worked and converted over 10,000 Muslim converts.

8th of June 632 he died from a fever in present day Saudi Arabia

After he died there was a separation because they didn’t really know who should succeed them.

After the death of the prophet Muhammed their was a power struggle for who was to succed him between Shia and Sunni. The battled a few times and they stayed separate causing a split of Islam. Now 85-90% of all Muslims are Sunni which is based mainly in South east Asia, China, and most Arabs. Shia makes up 10-15% of all Muslims they are mainly based mainly in Iraq, Bahrain, and Iran.

Ayatollah- sign of god a nations political and religious leader

Emir- Leader or Commander, commander of the faithful

Imam- decedents of Muhammad's ancestors meaning prayer leader

Mufti- Mislim scholar that makes rulings on Islamic Law

Sheikh- an elder or religious leader

The split of Shia and Sunni was caused by differences between who should lead Shia thought it should stay in Muhammad's family which would be Ali, his so in law, But Sunni thought it should be the highest person possible because he would no more what to do and would be a better leader than trusting it to someone with little to no experience

5 pillars of Islam is

1. Faith that Allah is the one and only god and Muhammad is his messenger

2. Prayer everybody has to pray 5 times a day towards the Sunna at dawn, noon, afternoon evening, night

3. Charity or alms giving the act of giving that purifies the soul and balances their life

4. Fasting during Ramadan to look over their sins and to come closer to Allah and his forgiveness

5. Pilgrimage to Mecca everybody needs to make a trip to their holy city Mecca at least one time in their lifetime

One reason that Islam spread so quick after Muhammad's death was that the Islamic believers would fight paganism in the Arabic tribes which caused people to both join because they were afraid of having different beliefs and there not being other religions that were really available to them

In 2006 there was 1.57 billion followers over 200 countries

Islam is increasing really fast and by 2050 there should be an almost equal amount of both Christians and Musslims, but until them there will be a consistent lead by Christianity

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