African American and woman in ww2 by Cindy , Eric.

women during ww2

During ww2, Women were needed to fill many traditionally male jobs and roles during the war and various advertisements were used to encourage women to take on these jobs and roles. Women joined the nurse corps and the armed forces so that more men could be sent into combat.

African America during ww2

During ww2, Over 2.5 million African-American men registered for the draft. They served their country with distinction, made valuable contributions to the war effort, and earned high praises and commendations for their struggles and sacrifices

4 similarities betwwenthe African American and Women

  • both were excluded the activies and sport
  • Neither of them were allowed to the same rights or opportunities as other.
  • Both women and african americans were not hired in specific jobs.
  • They obtain society’s admit by their uphold to the nation and keep hardworking on themselves and for the community to fit in.

3 different between African American and Women

  • African Americans during ww2 were racially discriminated against because of their difference race.
  • Women during ww2 were not treated well in the workplace and out, because of their gender, they were being thinking only available working at home.
  • Women were paid 60% less than man.

Treatment of African American during ww2

  • Although black soldiers proved themselves as reputable soldiers, discrimination in pay and other areas remained widespread.
  • During the time serving in the US Army, even most of the african american experienced discrimination and segregation.
  • Opinion: Even most of the Africa America were being discrimination and segregationhen at that time area but when they met the challenge of the nation, they still persevered, they still put their country at the first place, and contributed their country with distinction, loyalty, made valuable contributions to the war effort, and finally earned their praises,approbate and commendations for their struggles and sacrifices, which is admirable and also irony at the same time.

African America's Contribution to ww2

  • Millions of Americans fought in the military during World War II, including nearly one million African-Americans.
  • They are very important in WW2 because they are volunteer in large numbers.

slogan: “We are strong as double V(victory)”

Treatment of women during ww2

  • During ww1 women are getting the lower pay then the men, they are not treat equally
  • They respond fight for the unfair treatment to get pay equaly


  • women served in the U.S. Armed Forces to help the jU.S
  • Opinion: Women are very important in ww2 as they save and take care lots of the soldiers behind, helping with cook, weapons' assemble guns, soldiers' nursing and so on to make them to become part of the essential winning factor of the war.



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