Digital Photography

My name is Micaela Christenson and I am a Digital Photography student at Oxford High.

The pictures show rule of thirds.
Rule of Thirds Leading Lines Run off
I believe the hands on process has more merit because the image will come out original, but I also think the digital way also has some merit because you can make the picture come out the way you want it to. If the hand on way doesn't come out good you would have to start over.
I think the outcome of my print came out well. For me, the process worked very well, but some of the chemicals didn't come off of my picture leaving a green tint on my paper. I think the other process would have come out mostly the same as the process we did in class.
The process was difficult because you had to try and get it almost exact, but it was really fun. Composition was what made the images look realistic.
My photographs have a lot more meaning to them since I first started this class. I love to photograph anything in nature and I like capturing peoples different personalities.
I chose this style because I think it captured the theme of the photograph. I would do this again because I know how to do it now and it would make the process more fun to do. The only thing I would change about my photograph would be the color of the background. I would make it either a little lighter or a little darker.
Can't live without
Furry friends
Up close
Recreation of Robin Williams by Annie Leibovitz


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