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Hello! I am Mrs. Murack, Art Teacher at Whittier & Rose Glen Elementary Schools in Waukesha, WI. This is my 6th year teaching Kindergarten- 5th grade at Whittier and 1st year teaching 1st grade art at Rose Glen.

Drawing Cred: Nicole Utecht (My super talented sister)

Besides creating awesome art projects for kids I am a mom to a super silly 1 year old, wife, photographer, and animal lover- if you could not tell already from the cartoon above!

This year I will be posting art room news, photos, and community art opportunities right here in this feed! How cool is that? Check back throughout the year to see what we are up to and as always- email me if you have any questions.


1st Grade Primary & Secondary Ice Cream Cones
James Rizzi inspired BIRDS! 2nd & 3rd Grade Rizzi Birds and Clay Pinch Pot Birds. Check out those bird legs!
4th Grade Zoo Collaboration. Every year we do a zoo "Thank You" project for those who sponsor our 4th grade zoo ambassador program. This year's projects turned out amazing!
1st Grade Mondrian inspired Giraffes!
5th Grade self portraits line the main hallway, all ready for the 5th grade celebration!
3rd Grade overlapping line drawings with painted backgrounds. One of my all time favorite projects!
2nd Grade SHARP Literacy Collaboration Art Project. Students have been learning about bees and pollination this with SHARP Literacy this year. We created these amazing works of art while exploring printmaking and observational drawing.
GE T-shirt Design Logo Finalists! Miguel (5th Grade) Abby (5th Grade) Asia (5th Grade) Kiley (4th Grade) Arzu (4th Grade)
COMING SOON: 4th and 5th grade broken pencil monsters. Be sure to check back soon for pictures of their adorable little creatures!
COMING SOON: 2nd & 3rd Grade James Rizzi inspired birds and 1st Grade Rizzi cities!
2nd and 3rd grade Jim Dine inspired Hearts
Heart by Artist Jim Dine
4th and 5th Grade paint exploration. Students were asked to paint their entire piece of paper in a variety of ways, experimenting with color and color mixing. The next day 4th and 5th graders were given ink to experiment with the movement and unpredictability of ink blowing. I would have to say these abstract paintings were an all time favorite by all!
Kindergarten and 1st grade Valentine's Day Heart EXPLOSIONS! Students practiced tracing and manipulating chalk to create beautiful overlapping hearts.
My all time favorite project inspired by an all time favorite book! The love monster. Kindergarten artists created some adorable little love monsters for Valentine's Day.
Kindergarten Model Magic Snowmen
2nd Grade paint exploration.
4th and 5th Grade MLK Day Prints
2nd and 3rd grade peace collage paintings
We were working with model magic in Kindergarten and one of my artists wrote ART with the clay.
Right before Christmas we finished these awesome bubble letter train cars in 4th and 5th grade. Students learned about bubble letters, tricks to make bubble letters "fancy pantsy" and colored pencil tricks- blending, shading, and transitioning from one color to another.
2nd and 3rd grade Leaf collages. Leaf rubbings, leaf watercolor shadows, and leaf prints. These are always beautiful!
1st Grade leaf tracing projects.

This year PTO and I are doing an art fundraiser! Whittier students created beautiful paintings that were sent off to Square 1 Art to be made into keepsake items just in time for the holidays! Ordering information will be coming home with your child soon! In the mean time take a look at just a few paintings that were created!

Kindergarten & 1st Grade- Sunflowers

2nd & 3rd Grade- Owls

4th & 5th Grade- Seascapes

3rd Grade Birch Trees. This project is an all time favorite! 3rd graders had the choice to paint their background any way they wanted and then on a separate piece of paper painted these beautiful birch trees using cut pieces of cardboard! Once everything was dry we cut the birch trees apart and glued them to their magnificent backgrounds. Great Job 3rd Grade!
3rd Grade Oil Pastel Hot & Cold Landscapes
4-5th Grade 1-point perspective color wheel cityscapes! I just LOVE how these turned out!
Kindergarten Tissue Paper Painting. Yes! You read that right! We used water to first dampen the paper, then students took cut squares of tissue paper and placed them on the wet sections of the paper. The tissue paper absorbs the water and sticks to the paper. Once dry the tissue paper falls off and leaves a beautiful watercolor affect! We will be printing leaves on top of these beautiful creations soon.
Sketchbook Making! This is NEW this year- 2nd-5th grade artists have sketchbooks. We don't use them everyday in class but when we do, it is usually a place for them to share their thinking, what they know, or practice and plan for an upcoming project.
International Dot Day 2018

Every year we do a "Dotty" project. A whole school collaboration. Last year students created dots in the style of famous artists. This year they had to create a unique dot only using analogous colors to make a beautiful dotty rainbow!

Fun Fact! Analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel!
"Just make a mark, and see where it takes you!"
Kindergarten Dots!
The Art Room This year!
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Alyssa Murack

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