Williamsburg Trip 2017 James Innes by Athena Spencer


A halberd is a weapon that used to be used by the Europeans before muskets were invented. This tool was used for combat and was introduced by the English. You can see this because the use of metal and colored fabric, and the Powhatan did not have access to either of these materials. While the Africans did have access to colored fabric, they did not have much access to metal. Once muskets were invented, the halberd was not used as often as before because the musket could be shot from far away, and the halberd would have to be used up close to someone to attack. Once muskets and different kinds of guns were invented, these were only carried by the important people in battle; for example, the general.

The Susan Constant is one of three replicas of the ships that came from England under the command of captain Newport. The other two ships are named The Discovery and The Godspeed. On this replica of the ship, there is an area bellow the deck that has sleeping quarters where the soon-to-be-colonists would sleep. There is space for cargo, lots and lots of cargo, including food, hunting supplies, seeds, farming supplies, weapons and building supplies.


The blacksmith shop is the place that one orders pieces made of steel or iron that are made specially for them. When one walks in, the smell of ashes and smoke fills the room because of the fire that is used to heat the material to mold. Hanging on the walls are many different kinds of things that the blacksmiths themselves made. Examples of this are kitchen utensils, hooks, pots, chains and saws. What I find very interesting about the blacksmith is that they make the tools themselves. As a lieutenant colonel, I personally would have swords made for my house. But, for my home in general, I would have kitchen tools and house decorations made for my house. Another piece of the blacksmith shop that I found interesting was a mechanism that pumped oxygen into the fire. One would pull a chain, and the mechanism would compress, blowing oxeye into the bottom part of the fire. The blacksmith shop is very interesting to me, and I think that I may just go over there myself and buy a beautiful house decoration I saw the other day for my wife. All one has to do is walk into the shop, tell the blacksmith specifically what one wants, and within some time, that person comes to pick it up. It's as simple as that.

The Randolph house is one of the most elegant households in all of Williamsburg, and, Peyton and Elizabeth Randolph are the wealthiest couple in Williamsburg. While they don't have any children, they own 27 slaves. Some traits of the house that help the Randolphs show off their wealth (which is very important) is that they have a covered walkway between the main part of the house and the kitchen, glass windows, a wooden floor, paintings of themselves, China, and my personal favorite, wallpaper. Not many people have wallpaper, and their wallpaper on the walls of the grand staircase is beautiful. I have visited the Peyton Randolf house once, during a planning for revolution. As a lieutenant colonel, as I have mentioned before, it was essential to be at that meeting. Peyton Randolph is a very important patriot. Even though I have never been to the room, Mr. and Mrs. Randolph's bedroom would most likely be my favorite room. I have heard rumors about how the rooms contains of their own bathroom, perfectly carved wood decorations, elegant beds, China, a fireplace and multiple glass windows.

The End

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