Goals By Elizabeth casas

S: I want to enjoy my 17th birthday without it getting ruined like last year

M:i will keep a positive attitude and not let anything that people tell me get to me or ruin my day so that that day it wont bother me.

A:yes, as long as i maintain a positive mindset and stay happy that day

R: i have faith that this goal will be accomplished.

T:Next Thursday i will accomplish this goal

S: To stay top 10 % of my class

M:staying on top of my grades is my main focus

A:yes, because all i gotta do is keep doing what i've been doing since freshmen year which is maintaining my grades and staying on top of my assignments.

R:being in top 10 %really gives u advantages towards colleges not as much as being top 10 but its beneficial.

T:By the end of senior year so i can graduate in a different color.

S: To make it to districts in my track event, high jump.

M:going to practice everyday and really trying my best to work on my technique so that i can clear the bar like nothing without it falling.

A:yes, as long as i strive for it and keep improving at every practice it is attainable.

R:i placed 2nd in districts last year but this year i'm reaching not only for districts but as well for 1st place.

T: April of 2017 i will be heading to districst

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