The Blinders Of Batavia

Industrie Online is a hair industry online magazine (as the name would imply) that does some truly inspired work. They are also good friends of the shop. So when they came to us for photos for a story, a hell of a ball started rolling.

Peaky Blinders is a visual masterpiece of a TV show set in Birmingham, England in 1919. The Blinders are a bunch of war vets turned sort of businessmen but mostly gangsters who get their name from their habit of sewing razor blades into their hat brims for easy blinding in a fight. Which they get in often.

The haircuts have become a bit of a thing lately, because they're both tough and classic, sharp and low maintenance, easy going and aggressive. A few are more refined, but still easy as can be to wear. Explore the world of unauthorized Blinder hair., cut and photographed by superfans.

Because we all want to be this cool

Tommy Shelby

Played by Cillian Murphy, Tommy Shelby is the leader of the Blinders, a man changed by the tunnels of WWI. Steely, mysterious, sharp but no fuss, this haircut is built for intimidation with ease, especially on the gaunt and creepy types.

Super short sides, barely lined, barely blended, slight disconnection toward the top

Cut evenly all around, it's ambidextrous, low maintenance and tolerates hat wearing while still looking good

Use a smoothing product like Davines Invisible Serum to get rid of frizz

Model: Evan Hoffman

Barber: Natalie Anderson {Blademaiden}

Model: Natalie Anderson

Barber: Tyler Anderson {Beardsmith}

Arthur Shelby

Arthur, played by Paul Anderson, is a bit of a black sheep, even in the Shelby family. Dude has some problems, but he tries real hard. His haircut is essentially an old timey, rough as hell slickback bowlcut.

Nice short sides and a top that reaches all the way to the back of your skull, with a bit of a blend at the baseline so you're not Macklemore

Looks just as good slicked as floppy after a good row

Use a slick oil-based pomade like Reuzel Pink or Iron Heritage Model T Pomade

Model: Rob Murphy

Barber: Natalie Anderson {Blademaiden}

Model: Gabe Foss

Barber: Natalie Anderson {Blademaiden}

John Shelby

Played by Joe Cole, John Shelby is a shitkicker if there ever was one. He would be pretty if he wasn't so bad, so a super aggressive, DGAF haircut is required.

We didn't go full show haircut on this one, because let's face it, on anyone else but that character in that period, that is a jacked haircut. We made it a little friendlier

Model: Justin Marone

Barber: Natalie Anderson {Blademaiden}

Roughly sheared on the sides and roughly shorn on top, this cut makes the most of insane cowlicks. Just adjust the blend to where things even out a bit

Use a texture product with medium shine like Davines Finishing Gum

Model: Maddox Primbas

Barber: Natalie Anderson {Blademaiden}

Michael Grey

Taken from the matriarch of the Shelby family (aunt to the Shelby boys) at age 5 and put in foster care, Michael Grey, played by Finn Cole, ended up a little bit of a hothead. And maybe a bit murdery, too.

This cut can be clarity's lengths on the sides, but the neck and sideburns are relatively clean, with more weight at the transition area for a super classic look

This cut is best with some hard ass waves on top, because look at that

Model: David Anderson (no relation)

Barber: Tyler Anderson {Beardsmith}

Use a pomade with a good amount of oil content, like Reuzel Green or Prospectors Gold Rush Pomade

Model: David Rudek

Barber: Natalie Anderson {Blademaiden}

Inspector Campbell

Played horrifically and brilliantly by Sam Neill, Inspector Campbell is pure blooded sociopath with really good hair and tailoring.

Simple business cuts like this are so beautifully highlighted by salt and pepper hair. Or silver and gunmetal, as it were

Model: Rob Farrington

Barber: Tyler Anderson {Beardsmith}

For product you want smooth but controlled, excellent styled with a mix of Davines Shine Wax and/or Strong Dry Wax

Model: Matt Erion

Barber: Natalie Anderson {Blademaiden}

Alfie Solomons

Played with syrupy, slurry glee by Tom Hardy, Alfie Solomons is a pretend baker and real distiller with bursts of unpredictable rage. So, fun to watch. His is not so much a haircut, as a way of hair life.

This is almost the antithesis of a haircut.

A slightly shaggy, not exactly parted thing that is best worn with days-old hair grease all up innit

Just rake it through with your fingers each morning and you're good to go

Model: Eric Stotko

Barber: Natalie Anderson {Blademaiden}

For product you want something greasy, Reuzel Green or Iron Heritage Model T Pomade

Model: Neal Laman

Barber: Natalie Anderson {Blademaiden}

that'll do it, gents

If you like these haircuts and are in the vicinity of Beardsgaard Barbers in Batavia, Illinois, we will send your head back in time. But if you live elsewhere, bring these photos to your barber, and tell them Beardsgaard says hello

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