The Renaissance news By: Max Hartman

The revolution was a good thing because it opened up multiple job opportunities. The revolution controlled the church and started a short monarchy. The revolution also gave the citizens a declaration of rights
Perhaps on of the most important outcomes of the French Revolution is that it gave many citizens a taste of liberty, equality, and power, however briefly it lasted.It also stirred feelings of national pride that had not existed before.
Napoleon Hero or Villain. Napoleon was a hero the the French. But a villain towards his enemies. Napoleon was not only a great leader, he also was a military genius. As a military genius, Napoleon won many battles to expand France and was always welcomed back to France as a hero. His use of strategic warfare throughout many battles allowed him to be seen as a hero not only in France but all of Europe.
In the closing years of the 18th century, social and political unrest in Britain was growing rapidly. It was a time of argument and counter-argument centred on one issue: the rights of man. On one side were the radicals who backed a revolutionary new idea: democracy. On the other were the loyalists who strongly opposed any social reform, believing that it would bring the ancient British 'constitution' into danger.
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