Advertising Campaign: Boeing Aviation By: Mikhail Fedorov and Tyler Keen

Boeing - The largest aerospace company in the world and the leading jetliner, defense, space, and security systems manufacturer.

SWOT Analysis:

Strengths - Large base, One of the oldest aerospace companies/manufacturers. Experienced different markets not visibly monopolizing

Weaknesses - No significant change in models in planes, manufacturing location loyalty (Two manufacturing warehouses)

Opportunities - Growing interest in air travel, population and customer base increasing. New tech, autonomous flight and military growth

Threats - Airbus and other plane manufacturers catching up or taking over plane market. Defense contracts lost to Lockheed Martin

Competitive Environment:

Airbus - The second leading airliner manufacturer, Airbus, is catching up on Boeing's Sales and has been securing over 50% of jet orders for the decade. Though Boeing leads in numbers by planes in use, it only has that advantage over Airbus because of its company being around longer by 20 years. Airbus is growing faster than Boeing in the international market, and soon could take over.



  • To attract customers and markets by creating a favorable image of the company for the public to be interested and invested into.
  • To interest consumers in upcoming models and future technologies that Boeing is planning on developing and creating for sale.

Target Markets:

Target Audience:

Our target audience is the airline and transportation industry, as well as the general public. As a primary market, we need to interest airlines and airplane leasers of the features and upgrades that our new jets and aircraft will have and how they will differ and out-perform competitor Airbus.

The secondary market is the general public, the people who will be flying in the planes. By generating a sense of service and appreciation for our consumers and intriguing them with our new technology, we can make them interested to support airlines and services that use our aircraft, therefore creating a chain reaction to the travel providers who will buy from us.


Print ad:

This Advertisement Re-affirms our company morals and objectives to the public. This will appear in business and international newspapers and airline/aircraft industry magazines.

Video ad:

This ad will be featured on travel sites, during news hours, commercial breaks during shows related to technology, aviation, and science. For example NOVA, National Geographic, History, etc.

Online ad:

This ad reinforces our motto into public image and brings interest to consumers. This banner will be featured on sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Southwest, Delta, United, Alaskan Airlines, etc.


  • Beginning weeks and ending weeks of the month, weekdays Mondays and Thursdays
  • Vacations/Time Off, and 1-2 months prior.
  • April and May, the months prior to summer
  • October and November before Christmas Break

Sales Promotions:

  • Pre-order for 1.5% price reduction if you order 4 or more planes
  • Pre-order for first 5 refuels on us if you order 3 or more planes
  • Pre-order for interest rate reduction on your lease
  • Pre-order for extended 5 year warranty
  • Pre-order for 50% price reduction on wrapping, after 3 planes, wrapping is on us, after 5 wrapping and paint on us.

These promotions will be released along with press releases upon the arrival of a new model or make of one of our planes as well as to our sales representatives to forward this information in negotiations with our buyers.


  • In accordance with press release of new models in speeches and in written sample contracts given to buyers.


  • Print Ad in Newspaper - Total time in newspaper 32 days, One day is $78,904.04 for global coverage, reaches 1,437,863 people.
  • -------------------------------Print Cost - $2,524,929.28---------------------------------
  • Banner for Travel Sites using AdPulse Media - 35 sites, $2999 for 30 - 90 days, reaches 750,000 people.
  • ---------------------------------Online Cost - $104,965----------------------------------
  • Cost of Video Ad National News - Approx. $100,000 for 30 sec, 5 stations, twice a day 32 days out of the year following press release.
  • ----------------------------------TV Cost - $32,000,000----------------------------------

Total Cost - $34,629,894.30

Benefits/Campaign Statement:

Our goals were to increase public interest in our new and developing technologies and aircraft, and to interest purchasers in buying our planes due to the hype and public/consumer appeal. By exciting consumers and the public about how our aircraft models and planes are being developed, they will be more inclined to fly on planes that are made by us, therefore pressuring airlines and travel agencies to purchase the aircraft people will want to fly in. Furthermore, purchasers will be inclined to buy due to the sales promotions and good public image that flying a Boeing plane presents. This Ad campaign will generate interest and excitement for the future technologies that Boeing will develop, securing the airline travel's interest in our company along with increased public relations.

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