Cats cats are loved!


You can feed you cat dry or canned food. Adult cats need two meals each day. Kittens need three or four smaller meals.

Training Cats

Kittens have to be trained to use the litter box. Start by lifting your kitten gently into its box. Do it often until it learns to use it.

How To Get Ready

Cats needs bowls for food and water,and a cozy bed. Cats like to sleep in the day.

Kittens grow up fast. By the time they are 1 year old, they are adult cats. Adult cats can be many sizes.


Cats and Kittens love to play! You can buy special toys from the pet store, like balls and a scratching post.

I love cats! My cats are Kitzer, Mitzer and Loften and they are fun! I will play with them.


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