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Here at Wooden Tip Toys we aim to sell and make the best quality wooden toys on the market. All of our toys are made from good quality and sustainable materials, such as spruce, pine, maple, and many more.

The History of Wooden Toys

For many centuries now wooden toys have been very popular with children. They have been dated back to the stone ages where they had child sized weapons and doll like figures.

When the Romans were at power their children played with toys very similar to those that we have today, these are toys like rattles, dolls, spinning tops and many more.

By the 1800's wooden toys were being manufactured in factories, the biggest manufacturers being in Germany, wooden toys were second to iron and tin plate toys, with their cost being reduced as new methods of manufacturing the toys were becoming more efficient.

No win modern times wooden toys are not as common and are more costly. After WWII plastic toys became more widespread and were a lot cheaper than the wooden toys, nowadays wooden toys are usually bought by parents and grandparents that still like the old days.

There are many different types of wooden toys that are available on the market today. Some examples of these are animals, vehicles, puzzles, castles, kitchen sets, building sets and many more. They can all be made in different sizes, painted or just be stained to have different finishes

Wooden toys are some of the best toys you can get for your child. They are timeless as they have the same basic designs as they were decades ago, even if they have had different paint patterns on them. They are also very durable as they will last for years if not decades with maybe only a few dents and scratches. Wooden toys also help your child develop hand eye coordination skills, this can be from trying to stack up wooden cubes to make a tower, or threading a piece of string through wooden beads.


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