Wax Museum Biography Research Report and Event - Friday, March 10

Step 1: Choosing a famous person and finding a biography.


  • Must have been an admirable person and have contributed something positive (no outlaws/criminals)
  • Must have been some kind of ground breaker if he/she is a sports figure or an entertainer (Jackie Robinson is good but Michael Jordan isn't)
  • You must be able to find an actual book on that person (from the school library, public library, or at home)
  • No repeats - 1) make sure you check the clipboard before choosing a person and book 2) make sure to add yourself and your person to the clipboard once you have chosen your person and book

Step 2: Read your book cover to cover

Step 3: Read the book again and take notes

Reminders for taking notes:

  • Notes need to be in your own words and do not need to be in complete sentences
  • Your notes must be organized (an outline is a great way to do this)
  • You must document your source (you will be required to turn in a bibliography)

You will need to know:

  • Life story (early years) - birth date, place of birth, family information, interests, influences, education...
  • Life story (later years) - activities or interests he/she had later in life, death date and place...
  • Accomplishments - Why was he/she famous? What positive contributions did he/she make?
  • Interesting facts - other stories/information that make your person come to life

Notes due Monday, Feb. 6


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