Syria and Rebels BY eric mccallum

The Syrian War is between a rebel group and the government. This "war" has been going on for more than 6 years. More than 250,000 lives have been lost beacuase of this war. The rebels are fighting for impeachment of Bashar Al-Assad who is the president. This all started when 15 people got arrested for writing anti-government graffiti on a wall. Many people protested the arresting of the people. The protest started off peaceful then the government responded angrily with an open fire on the protesters killing 4 people. This triggered many people to want Assad out of office. This triggered the rise of the Rebel group.

In Syria, there has been a chemical attack on the citizens. The attack killed 60+ people. Donald Trump is blaming the president for this action. The Syrian Military ordered air strike that launched gas bombs killing many children and adults. The attacks was on a rebel town who was trying to get Assad impeached. This battle between the rebels and the Syrian government has been escalating greatly for the past couple months. Resulting in many attacks.

On Tuesday, Untied States launched a military strike on a Syrian airbase. The airbase is responsible for the earlier chemical attacks that killed many children. President Trump ordered 59 tomahawk cruise missiles to hit the airbase. This is the first attack against Syrian during the 6 year war in there country. The response by the Syrian Goverment was "the missels killed 6 people and it was an act of aggression, this is a disgraceful act."

For the past 6 years rebel groups have been fighting to get Bashar As Assad out of office. Bashar used chemical weapons on citizens. The chemical attack killed 60+ people. This should not be tolarered at all on any level. This is an illegal act that should be put to rest. I believe that the U.S response was much needed. If they didn't step in many more citizens could be dead. President Donald Trump is worrying about other people's lives and trying to protect them. This is the right call and many people wouldn't be surprised if there are more missile attacks on Syria. If United States get more involved it could result in a war with Syria and Russia. It would be another Cold War. The war would turn into a proxy wall, United States would supply the rebels and Russia would supply the Goverment. Many things could happen let's just hope for the best.

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