Slaughterhouse Five By Wyatt Lage, Leo Martinez, and Brandon Moreno

This veteran decided to take his car down to the basement, and closed the door and started down, but his wedding ring was caught in all the ornaments. So he was hoisted into the air and the floor of the car went down, dropped out from under him, and the top of the car squashed him. (9)

"The Body of an old man covered by a sheet was wheeled by just as billy entered the corridor. The man had been a famous marathon runner in his day." (44)

“He did on account of this silly $#@&sucker here. So I promised I’d have this silly $@#%sucker shot after the war.”(141)

“Their wood had been consumed, and their stones had crushed down, had tumbled against one another until they looked at last in low and graceful curves.”(179)

“It had been decreed that here was where the digging for bodies was to begin.” (213)

so it goes

and for those who don't know

life beyond reach does exist

enjoy life the way it is, and don't let another moment be missed

when we die, we're alive somewhere else

but no matter how many people he tells

they all think like he's on some kind of spell

ever wondering if he'll ever get well

put him in a home they tell her

it'll be better they tell her

his mind crazy like it's been put in a blender

so it goes

to them, time doesn't exist, it doesn't grow

will he ever be the same, no one thinks so

looking down from below

craters everywhere, ashes falling from the sky or is it snow?


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