Clemson Baseball Fan Experience A qualitative study by ElainE Day, Chris mayers, ranee ricketts, legend robertin & taylor shilling

"Tigers, let's get some runs!"

Research Question: How do people describe the "Clemson baseball fan experience, and what can be done to improve it?


17 phenomenological interviews using a discussion guide.

Coded and categorized findings into three overarching themes: concessions, transportation & facilities, attendance.

Definition of the Experience:

Fun. Clemson Family. "Tigers, let's get some runs." Welcoming. Family-friendly.


Expensive. Games around meal times. Alcohol? Loyalty programs? Family discounts?

Transportation & Facilities:

Parking is easy. Lines in Jervey Meadows? Shuttle from dorms & Clemson Downs?

Not enough shade to watch games from. Play area?

"I don’t realize how awesome we have it here at Doug Kingsmore until I go to other stadiums and realize 'Wow. We are doing such an amazing job.'”


Die-hards want packed stands. Casual fans like more low-key crowd. Move student section in from outfield?


They just kept winning, and the weather was awesome.

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