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I love writing and I love delivering a great level of service........since learning to read and write I developed a desire to write stories, I would spend hours sat penning works created from my vivid imagination. Teachers would tell me that I was creative and that one day my stories would delight people. As a teenager I would write tales of meeting my celebrity crush and us escaping into the sunset. I had dreams of becoming a journalist, a writer then life took over.

I found myself with a mortgage, a beautiful daughter and my need to support her became most important to me. I worked hard to rise through the ranks of Customer Service in a courier until I became the supervisor of the team. Unfortunately, I was then made redundant and fell into a job that was not quite so in keeping with my skills.

I stayed in that role for a number of years, until the birth of my second daughter. Nearly 30 I thought back to that little girl, avidly reading Enid Blyton books and her dreams and I realized that I owed it to her to try and succeed. So I cut down my hours and decided to top up my earnings with some freelance writing.

I have written for mashable, listverse, cracked and also for national magazine. Now, I am looking to dive into the freelancing business. In order to kick-start my career, I have created a gig over fiverr where I am offering very low prize for high quality work.

I can utilize my aggressive talent on almost all the topics. If you are interested in getting some quality articles for your blog or website then you can contact me.

I keep myself abstract of Google SEO policies. I deliver articles that are, at the same time, both SEO and user friendly. They are engaging and SEO is plus. If you are interested you can contact me.

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Joseph Lindsey

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