These times are unprecedented and it is now, more than ever, important to stay not only healthy, but happy.

Thus, we have taken to enjoying nature around us to the full. We have introduced our grandchildren to camping and have had countless barbecues out in the wild.

Most of Namibian nature is currently showing its prettiest face. In general, the grass is green and high, water is readily available and the wildlife is feasting and recovering from years of deprivation. Of course, we would love to share this stunning and unique experience with you all in person! However, sadly, at the moment, we can only reach out digitally and reassure you that our commitment and priorities remain the same. We are ready to hunt and enjoy nature whenever you are!

Namibia has recently come out of a complete, nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19. At present, government is slowly phasing out lockdown measures and we are, little by little, regaining daily freedoms which we all took for granted before the pandemic hit. Stage 3 of Namibian lockdown measures will be reached at the beginning of June. Specific implications and details are yet to be communicated to the Namibian public. While we have your health and safety at heart and we do understand that this is a global pandemic, for which there are no quick fixes, we cannot wait to start hunting again!

In the meantime, we have tried to stay as calm, resolved and optimistic as possible. The abundance of grass this year has given us the opportunity to bale hay. This was definitely a first for the Metzgerā€™s and very exciting!

We have also replanted the lawn at our Kamab camp and have revived the legendary vegetable garden.

Desolate, yet beautiful landscape on Ilala

At Ilala, we took the time to renovate our guest rooms and parts of the main house. Even the garden got a bit of a facelift. Unfortunately, Ilala is still very dry, having received very little rain this season. However, a very lush and trophy- rich Kamab camp and surroundings make up for the desolate, yet still uniquely beautiful Ilala.

We sincerely regret the absence of our hunters and can only repeat that we are here and ready to go! As soon as borders are open and flights possible, we will be waiting for you with eager and joyful anticipation. For further updates, please like and follow us on:




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