Sharks Nikki

Swimming in the blue

Sneaking up


Did you do that?


It's a shark!

So many parts

Sharks have a lot of body parts just like humans, but a sharks body parts are used differently. A shark's bone is called Cartilage, your nose and ears are made from Cartilage to, Cartilage helps a shark be flexible so it can twist and turn.A shark’s fins are super important to, because they help the shark to do things for example a shark's Caudal fin helps the shark move forward, a shark’s Caudal fin is larger on the top, a shark’s Caudal fin is in the back.Another important fin is the Dorsal fin that is the fin on the top of a shark’s back, it’s important because the Dorsal fin keeps a shark from rolling over.But did you know that some people decide to cut off the Dorsal fin for shark fin soup.when people cut of the Dorsal fin they throw the shark back into the water.

The Pectoral fins are on the sides of a shark’s body. sharks also have to find food so a body part that helps a shark find food is the Pores, the Pores help the shark sense food.Sharks also have teeth on their skin those are called Denticles, Denticles help a shark move through the water smoothly.A shark's skin is rough andbumpy that helps the swim way faster. Sharks have really sharp teeth, they have have a thousand rows of teeth so if one tooth falls out then a new one will grow.Research says that a shark uses up more than 10,000 teeth in its life.sharks have different kind of teeth for example long spiky teeth are for catching prey, flat teeth are for grinding prey and serrated teeth are for ripping prey

I’m really nice

Sharks are really friendly animals but people mistake them as dangerous animals,Sharks don’t eat people at all but sometimes they mistake people as fish or sea turtles.A shark can sense a tiny drop of blood 25 million drops of the ocean.Sharks will never eat people they just mistake people as prey so don’t get sharks wrong they are awesome creatures.

Did you know?????

- some sharks are warm blooded

-when a mother shark is going to lay eggs she goes to a safe place where nothing dangerous lives

-a swell shark mother can lay about five eggs

-people call a shark’s egg a mermaids purse

-the biggest shark living right now is the whale shark

-the megalodon shark lived way before dinosaurs

-a tiger shark can sense even one little tiny drop of blood

-sharks have so many rows of teeth

-the smallest shark is as big as a kids hand

-sharks eat sea turtles by cracking open the shell with their sharp teeth

-sharks eat birds when they land on the water's surface

-sharks have nostrils but they don't breathe with them

-sharks lived way before dinosaurs

-sharks have great eyesight they can see in the deep dark ocean

-there are about 375 different kinds of sharks

-a hammerhead shark's head is great for hunting

-the spined pygmy is eight inches long

Can I please have some fish waiter

Sharks are the best hunters, but they don’t hunt for nothing.Sharks eat seals, fish, squid, sea turtles and other small sharks.They use their super senses to sense their food, sharks have taste buds that help them taste if the prey is fat enough to eat.Sharks eat everything they can find if they are very very hungry.

This is my home

Sharks live in reefs but not all do,they like to live in temperate seas that means they like to live in a certain temperature sea.Sharks live in all of the earth’s oceans, but shark’s habitat are getting destroyed by humans.Imagine your home was getting destroyed, that would make you really sad, that's why people should not destroy sharks habitat.

Types of sharks

Whale shark

Whale shark
Great white shark
Tiger shark
Bull shark
Hammerhead shark
Sand tiger shark
Nurse shark
sharks are not dangerous, even though they seem so strong, we should all work together to help sharks starting with not buying shark products like shark fin soup.if you became interested in sharks you should study and read for books about sharks


Q how did the hammerhead do on his test

Q what is a great white sharks favorite candy

Q what do you call a baby shark who is from the arctic?

Answers for the jokes

1.he nailed it!

2.a jaw breaker

3.a pup-sicle


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