Digesting systems By:jace tensen

For my body system I did the digestive system. I did it because I did not know a lot ABOUT the DIGESTIVE system and I wanted to understand the stageS, and how it works so I hope you enjoy.

How Does the digestive system work it, work by moving food through the GL tract digestion beings in the mouth with chewing and ends up in the small intestine.

Parts that are in the digestive system is the Mouth the Mouth: breaks down food into small pieces and mixes it with saliva. The Esophagus: muscular tube down which food travels from the mouth to the stomach. The liver: produces bile and processes nutrients obtained from food. The Gall Bladder stores bile. The Rectum: stores the waste until it leaves the body through the Anus. The Stomach: is a hollow organ or (container) that holds food while it is being mixed with Enzymes. The Pancreas: secretes digestive Enzymes into the Duodenum. Small Intestine: it is the main site where food is digested. Large Intestine: it absorbs water from the digestive waste.

There is about 13 parts of the digestive system but the main ones are the salivary glands,Esophagus,Stomach,Small Intestine,Large InteStine and the Rectum.

Here are some diseases that you can get. Anal Fissure: is a tear in the delicate tissue that lines your anal canal. ThEy usually cause bleeding and severe pain. You can get it by childbirth and you can prevent it by eating plenty of fiber,stay hydrated and exercise.

Diverticulitis:it occurs when the bulging sAcs that appear in the lining or the colon and you can not prevented.

Hemorrhoid: you can get it by siting for a long time,pregnancy and low fiber to prenent it eat high fiber,fruit,vegetables and whole grain.

Ulcerative Colitis: the cause it unknown and it can not be prevented.

Crohn's disease

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