Next generation ticket SYSTEM AND APP service for admission management

Next generation ticket is a system and an app made for admission management of events. It allows audiences of an event to enter by scanning barcode or QR code ticket. The app also works for face recognition.

Why is it called “Next generation”?

Our ticket system centralizes all the tickets information that each play guide involves to the events have. It is the first attempt in Japanese ticket sales industry. Each play guide kept their information in-house and never centralized until now. It makes organizer of events to operate admission of each event much easier.

In Next generation ticket project, we have provided Admin system and Ticket scanning app (for Android).

Admin system

Admin system is used by e+. e+ can manage events, device for scanning tickets, ticket information, admission situation and manage version of the ticket scanning app. Here are what we can do at admin site.

Manage events

We can register all the event information when we are having new event. We register event ID, event name, location and all the other information required to manage. All the other information like device, ticket, admission situation will managed by this event.

Register new events

Manage device

At the event location, organizers use our ticket scanning app to control admission of audiences. We manage the devices used here. We can activate and deactivate the device

Manage ticket information

We can see all the information of tickets at admin site. Also, we can change the status of a ticket (entered to event, or not) manually for when there’s something wrong.

Check admission situation

We can check the situation of admission of audiences to an event by gate and area in real time. Organizers can use this function to manage their staffs at the location. They can decide which gate or area they should move staffs from and to.

User can check admission situation by seat type

Ticket scanning app

Besides admin system, we have developed an app for scanning tickets. The app is only for Android and its speed of scanning is super fast and helps staffs at the location for smoother operation. Here are what we can do with our app.

Scan tickets

We can scan QR code ticket with our app. It controls users entry to events. The app can prevents users with invalid or fake tickets. It also can manage temporary leave and reentry.

Check entrance situation in real time

The staff at the location can check entrance situation of audiences in real time. All information is synchronized every second. The app shows who entered when and how many people entered at which gate. This helps organizers manage their staff. If there are many people at gate A, they can send people to gate A for help.

Face authentication system

The app also supports face authentication. For events that requires to check audiences face, the app can show photo that are registered in advance.

Print receipt

We can connect the app to printer and print physical ticket. If we need to hand out seat information at the location, we can print instantly.

Use case: Yomiuri Giants games

Yomiuri Giants is one of the most famous Japanese professional baseball teams. Yomiuri Giants has the longest history in Japanese professional baseball teams and their games are always full. Our Next generation system was adopted to their game. It was very smooth operation and Next generation system has chosen for their ticket management system.


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