James Joyce By john ADinolFi

Major Themes

  • Catholic Expressions- He was born a Catholic but lost touch with his faith. Later reconciles with God and shows major Christian themes in both Ulysses and Finnegans Wake
  • He moved to Zurich during World War I which is a city where many people affected by the war moved to. This influenced his writing greatly and made him more of an artist than a teacher
  • Writes some poems that speak about his thoughts on death


-He is most famous for his novel Ulysses which parallels the life of the Greek traveler Ulysses and a contemporary Livonia Dublin

Significant Works

  • Ulysses- one of his most famous and popular works
  • Dubliners
  • Finnegan's Wake- widely debated if it's actually a well written piece

Writing Techniques

  • Added musicality to his writing pieces. Alludes to famous Irish songs, opera arias, Roman Catholic chants, and ballards
  • Used his homeland as the setting for many of his stories. He was born in Ireland which is the setting of both Finnegan's Wake and Ulysses
  • Uses verbal representations to create descriptions of the characters and uses interior narration to show thoughts
  • Uses allusions to Catholic chants and Irish traditions


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