Whose Shoes? Max Funk

Mr. Cunningham in the scene where Atticus holds off the mob: Here I am trying to do the right thing and stick up for our white women. Me and my group are going to teach Mr. Robinson a lesson about respect. We’re gonna make an example of him so all the blacks know to get rid of this chip on their shoulder mentality. Here comes along little Scout, her young mind incapable of comprehending the horrors this man has committed. Atticus needs to step off his high horse and realize that we need to set a tone if we want this to stop. I don’t know why I feel this sense of guilt as Scout speaks to me. I have this odd feeling in my gut that what I am doing is wrong, but it makes sense to me. Tom Robinson should be executed right? Do I follow that strange feeling in my gut, or what I think? I’ll follow my thoughts because that’s what everyone else is doing.

Tom Robinson while hearing the guilty verdict: It was a false sense of hope the whole time. The white man wants to keep us down forever. The evidence Atticus showed was valid. It was obvious I didn’t do it. These people have so much hate in their heart as to let an innocent man be put to death. I guess all it really took to convince them was a white man accusing a black. What will my family do without me? I wish I had never helped that girl, what was I thinking? Killed for helping a white woman, this country is terrible. I hope I have another trial. Isn’t there some way out of this blatant injustice? I really appreciate all Atticus has done for me and I hope all the whites will think like him one day. I really do wonder why he is so different from the rest of the whites that hate us. I hope his demeanor is contagious and his kids can spread it too. I can take the hate, I’m used to it. I want my kids to live a different life though. Hate is a terrible thing.

Helen Robinson while being followed by Mr. Ewell: What does this man want?! He had my husband wrongfully killed and now he comes for me! A truly horrible man at nature. It is not true that all whites are better than all blacks, this is the worst man I have ever met and he is colored white. Is racism just a form of hate whites use to connect with each other. It creates a false sense of achievement without having to acheive anything, rather just suppressing others for being different. Racism in a whole is a terrible thing. If I wasn’t black I could stop his harassing and following me, but nobody will stick up for a black women. It’s one thing to have all of these injustices against us black’s, but it’s another thing to go out of your way to follow me. I thank Mr. Atticus for his defending of Tom. I wish Bob could find some other way to ease his guilt rather than convincing himself his unspeakable action’s didn’t happen.

Boo while killing Bob: It’s about time someone stops this man and his ridiculous actions. That took a lot of bravery and adrenaline to stop him but it’s followed with a feeling of pride. He was going to hurt those kid’s and I needed to stop him. I am currently in a state of ponder whether I needed to kill him or if I could’ve detained him. Is it better that i did kill him considering what he might do next? Who attack’s children? Someone needed to save those innocent children and why not me, having close to no life. I hope this can show Nathan that I am capable of leaving the house and can contribute to society. I hope everyone appreciates what I have done for these kids and can help me out of my situation. I just really want to be a part of society and have relationships like everyone else. This act I don’t want brought to public attention, jail isn’t for me. I appreciate the sheriff's cover up and Atticus not protesting. I agree with Atticus’s beliefs and the way he’s raising these wonderful children.

I believe Mr. Crooke gave this assignment in hope's of bettering his student's ability to feel compassion. Rather than giving some lame power point or document to read and a worksheet to go along with it, he made us think on our own. Writing our own thoughts forced us to develop opinions and really put yourself in their shoes. I feel that putting yourself in someone else's shoes is very easy to do, we just don't ever think to do it. This assignment made us do just that. Imagining life through someone else's shoes can really improve yourself and how others view you. We need to learn how to see the world through other people's viewpoints so we aren't insensitive to their struggles. We're all on this planet together and should learn how to accept and appreciate each other for who we are. Nobody ever thinks of what it would feel like to be a black person whose civil liberties were blatantly violated by the scum of the earth Bob Ewell. We simply think racism is wrong and to look down on it rather than feel the feelings these people experienced. You will never truly understand someone until you've gone through what they've gone through. But I don't see how going through a struggle is a viable excuse for laziness or failure.


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