Zeus God of the Gods.

Zeus has a son Apolio who also is a God. Zeus is the strongest and most powerful God of all the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Respected as a all father. He was the chief of all Gods and Goddesses.

Zeus is the boss.

Zeus is a Greek God. He is an amazing God.

Zeus has a lot of children like Apollo and many more. He married his sister Hera.

He was so powerful.

He can pick up lightning. Jupiter might be the king of Gods in Rome but not in Greece.Jupiter is basically Zeus but for Rome.

Became one of the 7wonders in the world. There's a lot of carved statues of Zeus some are naked and some have carved clothes like this one. Supreme ruler and God of Geece gods and Greece. Zeus was the guardian of political order and peace.

No human can see Zeus unless there a God or Goddess. He is Called the master of gods and is also called father of men. Zeus was the son of his sister which doesn't make sense and Cronus.

He interacts with other gods with the Temple of Olympian.

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Matthew Wilson

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