Partnering for clear discipleship pathways. #Disciplepath

  • Multi-site church in Grand Rapids, MI
  • 1914 - Began as a storefront gospel mission
  • 2014 - Partnership with Ascending Leaders to connect ministry efforts and connect people through a Disciple-Making pathway
  • 2016 - "Stages of Faith" congregation-wide conference led by Mike Johnson and Cathy Hastie along with Madison Church leaders
"I believe the most frustrating thing about our discipleship pathway before, is the fact that there didn't seem to be a clear delineation of how to get on the path, and what markers were there to move a person forward on the pathway."
Rev. Darrell L. Delaney - Madison Square Campus Pastor
"In other words, how can one know WHERE you are, and HOW to grow?"
"These are the most important things that Ascending Leaders helped us to clearly define in our work together."
"Now we have a clearer sense of how to assess where people are and how people can grow in their discipleship."
"So whatever we can do to actually grow and help people to know who they are in Christ, and what their next level in growing in Christ looks like, whatever stage they need to go to, is empowering for folks."

"I wouldn't be so passionate about it if I didn't feel like it works to grow and mature disciples the way Christ wants."

To God's glory that people understand "this is how I grow".
And that's powerful. If you can hand people that, that's what they need.

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