Novel assignment FCE 3

Choose a novel (if you are not sure whether your chosen book is appropriate for this assignment, check with your teacher)

When you have read your novel you need to do two assignments. The first you all need to do and for the second you have a choice between 2A and 2B (or do both A and B if you are feeling adventurous)

Assignment 1:

Using Spark Post, create a slide where you summarise your Novel in no more than 140 characters. (make sure you put your name bottom right)

Assignment 2:

2A) Using either Spark Video or Page, create a biography/ an autobiography of one of your main characters. Make sure you include elements of the character’s history, family, personality, hopes/dream, and perspective on the events of the novel. (Videos about 2 min in length and pages should not take longer than 4 min to read them)

2B) Using either Spark Video or Page, re-tell the story in your own words. It should give potential readers a clear outline of the story without giving away important details. (Videos about 2 min in length and pages should not contain more than 20 sentences and 15 images

Upload your finished work in 'Magister Opdrachten'

(one link and one file)


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