Northern Renaissance By john nagle

  • In 1400, the ideas of the Italian Renaissance began to spread to Northern Europe
  • After the war between England and France the cities grew rapidly.
  • During the northern rensuances wealth increased, so trade went long-distance in the cloth industry.
  1. Durer traveled to Italy to study in 1494
  2. He was famous for making realistic woodcuts and engravings
  • He painted a portrait of Henry VIII
  • Holbein the younger painted portraits that were like photographs
  1. Van Eyck developed oil based paints
  2. layering technique and his realistic renditions allowed the observer to detect the objects texture
  • Bruegel painted realistic portraits and every day scenes
  • His seence had bright colors of pesents doing every day things
  1. Erasmus christian humanist from Holland
  • He wrote Utopia to describe a better society
  • wanted a society without greed, corruption or war
  • She made a living as a writer, unheard of at that time as a women
  • She wrote biographies, novels and a book which discusses the poor judgement of men

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