Summary of Unit By Hayley Wilson

This unit I learned a lot of things. First, I learned how to work with wood, cut wood, and how to glue wood together. I can measure wood and then cut the wood very accurately. I also learned how to measure with rulers better by using fractions. I learned how to calculate the mass of my tower and how much wood I would need to build my tower. I now know that towers are stronger with triangles in them and the more triangles there are, the stronger the tower is. I also got to know a lot more about certain tools like rulers and the tool we used to cut the wood. I never really realized how helpful pins can be with building a tower. I also learned more about angles in this unit. We found out how to work with Sketchup as well which is very cool. It helped a lot with designing my tower by giving me a nice visual about what it would look like. At first when I designed my tower, with Sketchup, I realized that there were not enough triangles so my design would not be strong enough to hold much weight. After I redesigned it, my tower ended up holding 60 pounds; all thanks to Sketchup. Building the tower helped me a lot with my architectural skills. For instance, I now know that if you put too much glue on to glue two pieces of wood together, it might make the wood not stick to the other piece of wood because it is too slippery. If you put a too little amount of glue on the wood, it won't stick with the other piece of wood enough. So I am now aware that it is very important to use a right amount of glue when gluing two pieces of wood together. This comes in handy for future projects. I have learned a lot of things in this unit that will help me for the rest of my life.

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