Annual Report 2020

From Pastor Garrett

I know I’m really going out on a limb here, but it seems like 2020 didn’t exactly turn out as planned. As we head into a new year, I’d like to note just two things moving forward:

First, while word on the street is the church’s future in America is bleak, the ministry of CLC is positioned to flourish in the years ahead. Your generosity in the past year was remarkable, and it has placed us on stable financial ground going forward. In addition, the challenges and changes of 2020 gave us the opportunity to rethink and renew our ways of doing ministry. As we return to a bit more normalcy in the coming year(s), I think what we’ll see is that 2020 shaped CLC to be even stronger than before.

A Year Like No Other

From the departure of Pastor Mike and Pastor Joe’s retirement to a once-in-a-century pandemic, CLC faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. God continued to move and work through us... worship continued, learning continued, outreach continued.

Dear Members and Friends of Christ Lutheran Church

from Council President Todd LeGassick

At this point last year, I wrote about welcoming Pastor Garret, his wife Kristi, and their newborn son, Paul. We did that in March… in the middle of a pandemic! While we all know they arrived safely, much has happened since then. After saying goodbye to Pastors Joe and Mike, we were met with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic as well as protests and politics. Despite so much to separate us from God and from each other, we were called to find innovative means to meet together as a community, and we embraced these new avenues of worship in incredible ways...

Council Nominees Kurt Schreiner and Craig Mitchell

We said Farewell...

It wasn't at all how we had planned it, there was no chance to have a big party with funny videos and moving testimonials. Nevertheless, the prayers and best wishes of the entire congregation went with Pastor Joe and Barbie as they began the next chapter of their lives in Washington State after so many years of faith-filled ministry at Christ Lutheran Church.

Our Worship Changes Form

Services move online

Online services began in March and included Sunday worship and special services such as Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve. Not one Sunday or special service was missed. Besides worship, our online content expanded rapidly to include music videos by Art Miller and Robin & Phil Hyland, members sharing their favorite recipes, and Thursday Night Live - a regular live video with Pastor Garrett and Steven Neaton.

CLC Together

In-person, outdoor worship services began during the summer on Sunday evenings and moved to Sunday mornings in the fall offering an opportunity for people to join together to worship and receive Holy Communion while observing all safety guidelines. Another big change was the departure of Robin Hyland (and Phil and Grace) in July. We were blessed to have Dana Schmidt step in to take on the leadership of the Worship Band.

Bible Studies and Small Groups

Every one of CLC’s Bible studies and Small Groups continued to meet in some form using Zoom and, eventually, some meeting safely in-person outdoors. We even began new studies during the spring and summer.

Adult Ministries

The work of the church continued

Although the mission trips that had been planned for 2020 had to be cancelled, CLC continued to do outreach to a community that was needed more than ever before. CLC members contributed their time and treasure to help feed the residents of the Homeless Shelter, collect and distribute school supplies to children in our community hit the hardest by the move to remote learning, and our Retired & Resourceful continued to work on our campus. Sadly, we had to say "farewell" to Candice Ray, who had been CLC's Outreach Coordinator. Esther Siegen has now taken on that title in addition to her Director of Children's Ministries responsibilities.

Children and Family

Children and families faced incredible challenges due to the lock-down. CLC's Children and Family Ministries responded by holding several events that gave families a chance to be together while following safety guidelines. Midweek Programs, Drive-In movies, and even a Trunk 'n Treat!

Online Resources for Families

The need for consistent, meaningful content became a high priority. Esther Siegen, Steven Neaton and a whole host of dedicated volunteers stepped up. The result was Online Sunday School, Youth programming, and especially a VBS program that was truly a shining example of the best of CLC. Dozens of volunteers led crafts, snack time, games, object lessons (see just one of the examples below!)... If you haven’t watched these videos, please check them out on the Family Ministry YouTube channel, CLC’s 2020 VBS was an example of what can happen when people say “Use me according to Your will.”

New Website Launched

In July, CLC launched its new website. A team worked in connection with Pastor Garrett to create a user-friendly, accessible site. Our Social Media expanded to include a new Facebook group: clctogether.

How We're Doing

We are grateful to have a faithful congregation, not only supporting our general fund, but also providing support for our struggling members through our Good Samaritan Fund and our community through our CLC Feeds SCV campaign. While giving dipped a bit in the summer, we ended the year strong. We are in a very good position financially. We have money set aside in our building fund, our various mission trip funds, women’s retreat fund, etc. We are prepared to continue fulfilling our mission in 2021.