Christie started sewing when was 20 years old. She spends about 20 to 25 hours a week sewing. She sews most of her clothes and also makes patchwork for family and charity as well as knitting for relatives. There is so much variety in Christie's work, she makes dresses, handbags, wallets, quilts and works with different materials from fabric to leather.

Christie was born in France where she worked for a pharmaceutical company. When her husband suggested they leave France for good, they moved to Asia for 12 years. During her time in Asia, Christie had a lot of time to sew and improve her sewing skills. After their stay in Asia, Christie and her family moved to Australia where they have lived for the last five years.

Christie in her sewing space with her creations
My grandmother was a sewer, I always saw her sewing clothes for us.
Sewing keeps me calm . It's really satisfying to create something from nothing. I like to sew leather accessories too such as handbags and wallets.
Christie with her patchwork and embroidery work

As much as Christie loves her sewing machine, she prefers sewing by han and loves to sew things that make her happy..

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Christine Arnaldi