Come to the middle section Deleware Pensialvana New York and New Jersey

Come to the middle section! The middle section is great in all aspects of PEGS.


The middle section was made up of 40% of slaves. Each state had there own government, the government was head of the state. The governments of each state were assisted by the conical.


One of the more popular jobs in the middle section is Farming and because trading. These jobs were very important to gain money and new things. Philly and New jersey sent contantical goods to markets in Britain and the west indies


. The rich land gave many hopes and dreams. Farmers went there to farm because pf the great social if you are a famer it would be a great idea to come here.


Some of the Quakers lived in the middle states. The Quakers are fighting for free religion. If you chose to come to the middle states you may soon be able to have the privilege of chose.


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