Abrahamic Religions Jackson W Linas j


Judaism is the first founded of the three Abrahamic religions. it was founded around 3000 years ago, by their holiest prophet, Moses. It was founded in Jerusalem. Their holy bool os the Torah and worship in a synagogue. Their religious leader is the Rabbi. Key holidays are Hanukkah and yom kippur.


Christianity is the second Abrahamic religion. The main prophet is Jesus. It is connected to the other Abrahamic religions like Islam and Judaism. Their beliefs is after death they go to heaven and have one god. They worship in the church and have a holy day of Sunday. Their holy book is the bible and their important holidays is Christmas and Easter. Their religious leader is the pope.


The most recent of Abrahamic religions. It was founded in southwest Asia. Their holy book is t he Quran and they worship in Mosques. Their religious leader is the Caliph and the Imams. Their key holiday is Ramadan.


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