Pandora Box by dominique

Zeus was mad that Prometheus disobay him so he was so mad he chained Prometheus to a rock and went to Prometheus brother Epimetheus. Zeus did not chain Epimetheus toa rock he had sneaky plan. Zeus went to the handy gods and they made him a daughter Zeus named his daugther Pandora. Epimetheus was lonely so Zeus made Pandora marred Epimetheus and gave pandora a box that nobody can open. one day pandora open the box evilness came out into the wold and a tiny bug named hope to .the end

the lesson

never open or do any thing when someone say no or do not open do what is told and you'll be happy some times people will not trust you if you don't do what they told you not or what to do.


and dogs


Created with images by andre.m(eye)r.vitali - "Pandora opened her box" • Mediocre2010 - "hope" • SodanieChea - "untitled image" • Jdexter - "dog yorkshire terrier" • StockSnap - "yorkie yorkshire terrier dog"

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