Steroid Use in Baseball By Jake Garfield

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Steroids should not be allowed in baseball. Steroid use in baseball has been a modern issue for the past 20 years. Performance enhancing drugs have a lasting effect on baseball players as a whole in terms of cheating the game of baseball, health risk, and the change of status from role models to a negative influence. Steroids are a plague and a burden to the game of baseball. The specific audience targeted in this blog post are fans of baseball. This audience being addressed is most likely expect a detailed analysis of the baseball and the use of steroids. Biases the audience may show are justified reasons for baseball players to take steroids. The attempted way to appeal to both sides is by exhibiting facts and evidence and trying to gain empathy through a personal story.

Why taking steroids is considered cheating and changes the way the game of baseball should be played.

Steroids are the essential catalyst to cheating in baseball. Steroids are performance enhancing drugs and give an unfair advantage to baseball players. The most notable baseball players who have taken steroids are: Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, and Sammy Sosa. Most players who have taken steroids used Human Growth Hormones(HGH) which most notably maintains scar tissue, muscle growth, brain function, metabolism, and energy. Increased muscle growth enhances athletic abilities. Barry Bonds was a part of the BALCO Scandal, a major anabolic steroid distribution case in 2003. Bonds’ name came up in the trial when Jason Giambi, another baseball player, was questioned about where he heard about this company. He said Bonds was associated with the steroid case even though no evidence existed of Bonds taking steroids. However, due to the growth of his body and the increase of positive playing statistics it was presumed that he was taking steroids. In addition, from 2006 to 2007 the number of players who said they needed drugs like Adderall and Ritalin rose from 26 to 103 (Schmidt).

Why steroids are bad for the body when you use them

Steroids are extremely bad for the human body. Some side effects that can be caused by steroids are acne, asthma, and testicular shrinking. ( Steroids have some negative results that outweigh the positives of steroids, which is momentary strength to an extent. After gaining strength steroids makes your body larger to the point of irregular status then causes your body to change in drastic ways in which your body transforms to the point of having alarming results like voice changing and reduction of production of sperm. Males tend to have feminine tendencies. Also, after your muscle mass increases, they decrease even more rapidly. This can affect the fans of who like the traditional way the game is being played and how they feel about the athlete if they grow to an impractical amount.

Players taking steroids are now bad role models.

If there's one thing I look back on in my life it is the stained image of a role model. Back in 2006, I was a huge fan of Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees. Everyone loved Alex Rodriguez because he was an amazing pure athlete and was friendly and loved by New York. But when I read in the New York Times that he took steroids, my image of him was tarnished forever. After the Mitchell Report came out all my friends were so surprised that baseball players like Gary Sheffield, Paul Lo Duca, Miguel Tejada and Roger Clemens took steroids and we could never look at those players in the same light even if they apologize. The fact that some baseball players who took steroids believe they should get into the hall of fame because even on steroids they set records sickens me because cheaters shouldn’t be allowed in the hall of fame. I started to love players who played the game and didn’t cheat like Ken Griffey Jr. and Jim Thome because they had the longevity of baseball players and never stopped playing despite their aging abilities. Steroids also have very drastic medical effects that end up hurting more than helping. Steroid also leave lasting impacts on people who look up to those athletes. This can affect the young fans because people would not want to look up to players who lie or cheat.

Steroid use is an obstruction of the game of baseball. Cheating should never be condoned in the game of baseball. Steroids also leave lasting impacts on people who look up to those athletes. The use of steroids in baseball has put a stain on the way the game is being played and players decisions have a lasting effect on the future of this game.

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