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Mindset is the established attitudes towards someone or something. There are two mindsets: Fixed and Growth.
People with different mindsets handle things differently.
So what is my current mindset? Easy... It's Taffy!


Yeah. Taffy. My current mindset is flexible, stretching and changing, and if left alone it tends to harden. Mindset is something my advisor, Alexa, and I worked on A LOT during my last year at Boise State. So, it's something I am aware of and know that sometimes my taffy has set too long and is hard. Other times, my taffy is quite flexible. I mean, I have been in school 23 years non-stop and am still going. I love learning!

Sleep, Food, Time, and Stress all can effect ones mindset.

It seems, and this isn't scientific, but when I am tired, hungry, stressed out, and out of time the "I don't care," "It will never happen," "this is so stupid, and "why do we even need to do this" are common thoughts. And believe me, Senior year, I had a lot of them. BUT.. my mindset is taffy, and after a weekly check-in/self-reflection with Alexa, the taffy mindset was flexible again. Why? I started thinking about my problems instead of complaining. Now, when these questions of hard taffy start running around in my head I ask "why?". Am I tired? Out of time? Do I need to eat? Answering any of these questions with a "yes" almost always explains the fixed mindset.

How does this apply to the classroom?

Every teacher needs the skill of being flexible. Flexible with lessons plans, flexible teaching methods, and flexible thinking. Being Flexible is a HUGE part of the growth mindset, which is all about change and adaptation. There is the power of yet, " I can't write a ten-page paper... yet." Modeling questions like "How can I make this better?", "What would I do differently next time?", "Is there something I can do right now that will help me achieve my goal?" "What can I do about this problem right now?" will help both teachers and students. As the teacher, I can continue to ask myself these questions, and remind myself that change is possible. And equally as important, we can tell our students that they are learning and growing, we don't expect perfection just their best effort.

And sometimes we all just need a little break, a chance to breathe and refocus. And that is what coffee and recess is for.

I think it should also be noted, in my opinion, that no one's mindset is every truly 100% fixed. Our passion for particular task makes doing those job easier. I know when I am interested in something, I try harder. When I want to get something done, I find a way and get it done. A fixed mindset can also be viewed as an unmotivated-passive, lazy mind. As the old saying goes, "where there is a will, there is a way."

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David Ashcraft


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