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Eno Transportation Weekly (ETW) is the premiere inside-the-beltway federal transportation policy publication. Editor Jeff Davis has decades of experience and connections that enable him and the rest of the Eno team to produce accurate, timely, and thorough issues and news updated every week.

"When I go into a transportation policy discussion, I need facts and figures, and I need them fast! Eno Transportation Weekly is my go-to source, it's timely and always accurate.” -Mort Downey, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Transportation


For over two decades, ETW has been a leading source of transportation policy insights for Congressional staff, government affairs professionals, transit agencies, U.S. Department of Transportation, and agencies across the Executive Branch.

“Eno Transportation Weekly is part think tank incubator – a place for big ideas to take shape – and part news – a place to consume salient news and commentary. No matter where you fall in the transportation and logistics world though, it is a must read, a trusted source of information produced by some of Washington’s most experienced policy experts.” -Edward Hamberger, President and CEO, American Association of Railroads


As the national media has steered towards short, bite-sized pieces of content and sensationalist headlines, ETW has remained dedicated to reporting on policy developments with integrity and thoroughness.

We go beyond 140-character quips and three-line emails to provide actionable insights into the historical, political, and policy implications of the bills, regulations, and innovations that are shaping transportation today.

"Eno Transportation Weekly is the unvarnished news on what is really going on in the transportation industry. It continues to be a must-read for key industry stakeholders." -Ed Mortimer, Executive Director, Transportation Infrastructure, United States Chamber Of Commerce


Transportation is not just an industry, but a vast and interconnected network of constituents, customers, and travelers.

Federal policies have a tremendous impact on these systems and their users. ETW's expansive coverage includes developments on the road and on the rails, in the water and in the air.

“ETW is the must-read newsletter for anyone interested in federal transportation policy. ETW not only provides detailed analysis of the most important parts of legislation, it also provides historical references that help the reader understand the evolution of policy. In addition, editorial notes provide humor and insights that make stories all the more readable and memorable.” -Greg Cohen, President and CEO, American Highway Users Alliance


Emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles and drones are transforming the way we move people and goods both on the ground and in the air. These rapidly-developing technologies will be at the center of the most salient policy discussions across the coming years and the focal point of consensus in a divided Congress.

ETW provides in-depth analysis of emerging technology developments every week to keep readers across the United States informed of the latest autonomous vehicle policy developments in Congress, the Administration, and across the country.


Be among the most informed transportation experts and policymakers with a subscription to ETW.

“Eno Transportation Weekly is timely, thorough and authoritative. It is mandatory reading for anyone lobbying on transportation issues in Washington, DC.” -Stephen Sandherr, CEO, Associated General Contractors of America
“ETW is the Rosetta Stone for anyone wanting to understand the arcane world of transportation policy. Jeff Davis’ unparalleled subject matter expertise, coupled with the context and history that he provides, make this a must-read.” -John Porcari, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Transportation and former Maryland Secretary of Transportation

About the Editor

Jeff is a Senior Fellow with the Eno Center for Transportation and is also the Editor of Eno Transportation Weekly. Mr. Davis came to Washington in 1988 to attend The American University and soon began working on Capitol Hill for the ranking minority member of the House Rules Committee.

For six years he worked on a wide variety of legislative, budget process oversight and parliamentary procedure issues. In January 1996 Mr. Davis joined a transportation consulting firm and worked extensively on the FAA Reauthorization of 1996, the Amtrak Reform and Accountability Act of 1997, and the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century, as well as various appropriations bills.

He founded his own research and consulting business, the Legislative Services Group, in June 1998 and began publication of Transportation Weekly, a news service that monitors and analyzes federal legislative and regulatory developments dealing with transportation and public works, shortly thereafter.


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