Pictures for John From Heathers mom

Hi John. I'm Heathers Mom. I have a new puppy I think you might like.

Just friends. No dogs. 😞☹️🙁😩

This dog is a Sheltie. They originally came from Scotland. They are officially called Shetland sheepdogs. They are used for herding Cattle and sheep.

This is Aiden. He is a regular full grown Sheltie. He was my dog and about a month ago he got very ill and sadly he died

Most Shelties are colored like Aiden. I guess you could say he is Normal. The puppy is a Blue Merle. Here are some other Shelties. Lots of variety.

Which kind of Sheltie do you like the best.?

Because our puppy is a Blue Merle, we decided to name him Bleu. We spell it like Bleu Cheese. Have you ever heard of a blue moon. It's something that happens very rarely. People use the expression "once in a blue moon". Meaning it rarely ever happens.

I said, "finding a puppy like Bleu happens once in a blue moon". That helped me finalize his official name.
John, meet BLEU MOON MERCIK. 😍😍😍

Here are some pictures of Bleu you might like.


Bleu's dad, father Frank.

Saying goodby to friends before we take him home.

Baby face Bleu.

Bleu boy

Bleu fell asleep with his nose in a breakfast bowl!

Puppies sleep a lot.

This is Bleu's dad. He is a grand champion.

Good bye John. I hope to meet you soon. Your friend Bleu
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Sharon St. John


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