DOnna osborn a loving mother by Dr. Rev Lambright , Fr. Green

Donna Osborne is not guilty

She lived a life of constant abuse from her husband

Donna called the Options for Batterd Women also known as OBW, to report repeated abuse from her husband Clinton Osborn II. On many occasions Donna called reporting physical abuse within an average time frame for a first time caller on abuse. On March 7th, Her first call was made about an incident on March 5th, where her arm had been broken from being pushed down the stairs. The OBW has record of the call but no action was taken by Donna's request. On February 7th, Donna was struck on the head and began to bleed; The police were called by a neighbor reporting a domestic squabble. When Officer Powell arrived Donna was bleeding from the head, and Clint said "She had fallen down the steps" (Pappas). The next day, February 8th she called the OBW again reporting abuse and a death threat from her husband. Donna lived in constant fear of her life which explains why she always went along with Clinton's excuse. Then on February 12th Clinton Osborn made an attempt to murder Donna Osborn; In self defense she shot him twice. Why would a murderer report abuse if they were not abused? After seeing her child beat a teddy with a tennis racket multiple times, she knew that something had to be done because it was not just effecting her anymore. Unfortunately Clinton's life had to be taken in self defense to protect Donna and her child. How would you respond by receiving this abuse for over a year and then seeing your child learn these horrendous behaviors? Put your self in Donna's position, how would you have responded?


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