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Qatar is in the northern hemisphere and eastern hemisphere right next to Saudi Arabia in the continent of Asia.

The capital city is Doha at 25.2854°N, 51.531°E.

Physical Characteristics

Qatar is in a temperate zone in between the Tropic of Cancer and 30°N

Qatar borders the Persian gulf, gulf of Bahrain, and the Dawhat salwah


Population is the amount of people in a country, Qatar has 2 million people so it has a small population with a world rank of 148.

Population density is how many people per square mile Qatar isn't very crowed with a population density of 448 people per square mile it ranks 76 in the world

Growth rate is the percent for how fast a country is growing, Qatar is growing average at 1.96% and fertility rate of 2.019%

The five largest cities are Doha with 338,760 people, ar-rayyan with 258,193 people, umm-shalal with 29,391 people, al-wakrah with 25,905 people, and Khor with 18,036 people.

Qatar is a more rural country with mostly desert

More people are leaving Qatar at a net migration of 27.35.


Overall I think Qatar is developed with a lot of people and money that is spread out mostly even through the country they also have a high literacy rate which means people can afford schools and they have a high life expectancy which means they can afford good healthcare so overall they use the money well and they have good money.


The language mainly spoken in Qatar is Arabic but the have English as a second language that takes on the lesser majority

The main religion in Qatar is Islam which is similar to Christianity and Judaism.

Some characteristics are they are majorly religious and they have one treasured mosque.

They are majorly religious by practicing prayers five times or more a day and never talking in a mosque, they also worship Allah with their lives and take full responsibility of anything at all that happens to them and ask Allah for forgiveness even if they just accidentally just bumped into someone.

They also have one treasured mosque in al-wakrah and worship only there, you cannot talk inside the mosque so that other people can listen and talk to Allah so they don't get interrupted, they have someone in the mosque who calls the salwah or the daily 5 prayers.


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