Mary Wollenstonecraft By: james enright

About Mary Wollenstonecraft

She was a strong advocate for woman's education and received very little formal schooling. She was also born in Spitalfields London. She and her two sisters taught themselves by studying books at home. She also ran a school for a short period of time which helped shape her view on education. She had a job with a London publisher, their she met many other radical writers, One of which being her future husband. She died at the age of 38 after giving birth to her daughter Mary Wollenstonecraft Shelly.

Summary Of Ideas

She believed that men and women should have the same education. She published the vindication of the rights of woman. In this book she disagrees with Rousseau that woman's education should be secondary to men's. She argued that woman, like men need an education to become virtuous and useful.

How She Affected Traditional Beliefs

Many philosophers including Rasseau believed that women's education should be secondary to a mans. While she believed that women should have an equal education as a mans so their whole society doesn't have to rely on a man to do everything. Eventually women's education was no longer secondary to a mans and women and men received equal amounts of schooling.

Quote Of Wisdom

This means that she wants woman to be equal to men and be able to make up their own decisions.

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