Learning how to Measure MD.A.1

To be completed: Measurement video, be able to measure three different objects accurately and to compare two objects based upon the third objects measurement.

Today we are going to learn about measuring. Measuring is using a device such as a ruler to find out just how long or wide a certain object is. Here is a short video that will show us how to measure.

See, measuring is not so difficult after all. Class, I have provided each of you with a ruler like what the penguin had in the video. We will be measuring some different objects using the inches side. The inches side is shown on the seven in the picture below with the pencil.

Now I would like all of you to practice measuring your pencils with the ruler that I have provided at your desk. Some of you have sharpened your pencils several times and some of you have new pencils so the lengths in inches should all be different. As soon as you measure your pencil please raise your hand so that I can come around and check.

Now we are going to watch a video on how to compare lengths.

Class, after watching these videos and participating in the activities, we should all be able to complete the next activity. The next activity is to measure all of the different objects that I have set up at our workstations. I have a worksheet that you will complete as you go around to each station and measure the object in inches just like we did with our pencils earlier. Please raise your hand if you have any questions, and I will be happy to help you.

Extra Credit (5pts): I have added a link right below here. In order to receive the extra credit you must read the article and write a paragraph over why you think measuring is such an important thing to learn about and what it will be useful for in the future. Opportunity:https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10643-007-0210-7

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