Shakespearean Dictionary DYlan Sindelar

Anon- Soon, shortly. " I'll see you anon."

Way to remember: get a tattoo on your forehead of the definition reversed so every time you look in the mirror you see the definition

Afeared- afraid, scared. " the dog made me afeared

Way to remember: when you see the word look at the root "Fear" then you'll remember.

Oft - often, frequently. " I brush my teeth oft."

Way to remember: the word oft should give you the clue of Often then you'll know

Eyne - eyes " I was poked in the eyne"

Way to remember: eyne is so close to eye it should be easy

Waxen - increase, grow. " I need to cut my hair it waxens to fast"

way to remember: constantly have people in planes flying overtop of you writing out the definition.

Wot- learn, know, be told. "I wot to do"

Way to remember: Legally change your name to the definition.

Coy - crease, stroke,pet. " I Coy the puppy"

Way to remember: when you see coy think cuddle them think pet.

Aby - Suffer for, pay for. " I aby for your food"

Way to remember: write it down 10,000 times

Prevailment- influence. " you were the prevailment for me to move"

Way to rem: don't forget.

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