Knights vs. Samurai By: Wyatt Franz


Maps of Japan and Europe

Knights live in Europe While Samurai live in Japan. Knights live in castles with their lord or baron while Samurai live in their castles that don't look like traditional castles.

European Castles vs. Japanese Castles

Main Events

The first knights ever were around with the rule of Charlemagne in the late 7th century. In 1066 William The Conqueror unified England and brought knights with him. The knights were used until the Bubonic Plague hit Europe and ended feudalism.

In the early 10th century samurais were led by local chieftains. In the late 1100s samurai are ruled by the shogun. in the late 1800s the ashikaga samurai were removed

In the early 10th century samurais were led by local chieftains. In the late 1100s samurai were ruled by the shogun. In the late 1800s all samurai were removed and being a samurai was bad.

Weapons and armor

Knights wore Chainmail armor as well as full plate armor later on when long and crossbows became super powerful. Their entire body was covered in armor including feet and hands. The armor weighed anywhere from 40 to 60 lbs. Armor was not worn after guns were made because armor thick enough to stop a bullet would be too thick and heavy to wear. The weapons knights used are Catapults, trebuchets, ballista, Battering ram, mangonel, siege tower, Polearm, Battle Axe, Mace, Billhook, Caltrop, Flail, Halberd, Longbow, Bow and Arrow, Crossbow, Pike, Poleaxe, Quarterstaff, Spear and the War hammer.

Samurai armor was small metal scales tied together with leather cords and put onto an armor plate. The helmet was made of 8-12 armored plates. Below it was a 5 piece neck guard. The samurai armor had 4 parts. They did not wear armor on their right arm so they could get their bow and arrow quickly. A bad part is is that that the silk cords absorbed water and got very heavy-Their weapons were the katana the tanto the wakazashi the bow and arrow

A Sword and a katana


A knight at 4 or 5 learns how to ride a horse. At 7 or 8 they become a page to a powerful relative or close friend. There he practiced with wooden swords and refined his horse skills. By age 14 you could become a squire and they helped out real knights and fought if needed. At age 21 they were officially a knight.

Samurais begin physical and mental training as a child. They practice kendo (bamboo Fencing). At age 14 they officially become samurais. After training they are required to live the bushido code.

Honor Codes

Knights have an honor code called Chivalry. They cannot do wicked deeds, they must be loyal to the king, give mercy to those who ask for it, be kind to ladies. Dishonoring knighthood was an incredible disgrace.

Samurais had an honor code called bushido. They had to Discharge loyalty to his master and has to devote himself to duty above anything else. They punish anyone who does anything bad. He follows the way and always has his weapons ready for battle.

Bushido in Japanese

Position in Society

Knights were number 5 in social order in between the merchants and lesser lords while Samurais were number 4 in social order in between the daimyos and the peasant farmers.

Fun Facts

Most knights got land where they conquered or money but some didn't get paid at all.

When a knight jousts each horse is going 60 mph.

At the end of a knighthood ceremony the knight could claim the title sir.

Female stay home but are trained the same way, They don't fight on the battlefield.

If a samurai was captured he was supposed to kill himself.

Samurais named their swords and believed their spirits were in them.

Are Knights and Samurais more similar or different?

In the end I think that samurais and knights were more similar than different. I think this because they were the warrior class, They had an honor code, and they used similar weapons. They may look different but they are pretty much the same.

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Wyatt Franz

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