Journal Entries Jordan Varga

March 18: I worked on my Pop Art book sketches. I plan drawing in the style of Romero Britto with many vibrant colors. I have a very colorful bird, called a Sun Conure, that I plan to focus some of the project on. I will need to find new patterns to incorporate into my book because I am quickly running out of designs.

March 20: I started working on my book cover. I have the lines done and now I just need to draw in the patterns and color. I am thinking of the colors I will use for the patterns and plan on using different colors for the bird and the background colors. Today I need to finish the lining and start coloring.

March 22: My book cover is completely outlined in sharpie. I started and need to finish erasing sketching pencil marks. I have began choosing colors for the different patterns at the end of this class.

March 24: I finished the book cover for my Pop Art project. I used watercolor pencil and colored pencil as my two mediums of color. Next class I will start to draw onto the poster board for the pages. I am going to plan out more of what I will draw before I start on the poster.

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