Potassium Caitlyn bell

Element Symbol - K

Element Name - Potassium

Potassium's atomic number is 19.

Protons- 19

Neutrons- 21

Electrons- 19

Potassium's Atomic Mass is 39.0983

Potassium is a solid at room temp.

Potassium is a metal.

Sir Humphrey Davy discovered Potassium in 1807.

Potassium is the major cation in fluids. It's essential for nerve and heart function. Also used in some fertilizers.

Physical Properties- Silvery- White color, a dull sheen, and very soft.

Chemical Properties- Melting point is 63.35 degrees celsius. Boiling point is 760 degrees celsius.

Some interestings facts about Potassium... It's the 7th most abundant element on earth. Exposed to water it will explode with a purple flame. It is crucial for maintaining blood pressure.


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