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Melbourne-Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro-Nassau







I have set 5,000 dollars for each flight to get fuel this would get me about 2678.571L of fuel.


Rio de Janeiro-$3,407 for 9 days at Santa Teresa hotel in rio.

Nassau-$6195 for 7 days at One&only ocean club in Nassau.

Bergen-$2,059 for 7 days at hotel no13 in Bergen

In total means that it costs $331161 for all of the expenses above round it up to $331700 which leaves spending money for taxis and other modes of transport. The final amount of spending money is $539.


Austalian to Brazilian -$1=R$2.12 Real- $100=R$212.38 Real

Australian to Bahamian- $1=$0.68- $100= $67.89

Australian to Norwegian Krone - $1= $5.83- $100=$582.99

Rio de Janeiro


Oscar Niemeyer was an architect who was from Rio. His designs were noted because of their free flow. He worked on the United Nations building and many others.

Fernanda Montenegro is consider one of Brazil's most talented actresses and she has had a career that has spanned over 50 years.

Paulo Coelho wrote the best selling novel, The Alchemist. He sold over 35 million copies and writes about one book every two years.

José Padilha is a film and TV show director most well known for his work in Elite Squad and the 2014 remake of RoboCop.

Rio de Janeiro

Current affairs

2014 FIFA World Cup map of stadiums.

The orange highlight is the area with the stadiums

Brazil spent more that three billion US dollars on building five new stadiums and renovating seven old ones.

Maracana was renovated.

Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha is new.

Arena da Amazonia is new.

Arena patanal is new.

Fonte Nova is Renovated.

Arena de São Paulo is new.

Estadio Mineirao is renovated.

Estadio Castlao is renovated.

Arena Pernambuco is new.

Arena da Baixada is renovated.

Arena Das Dunas is renovated.

Estadio Beria is renovated.

Rio de Janeiro

Smart traveler advice

"This advice has updated information on the yellow fever outbreak in parts of Brazil (see Health). The level of this advice has not changed. We continue to advise Australians to exercise a high degree of caution in Brazil." Was the latest advice.

Other advice was "keep a high degree of caution, pay close attention to you personal security, keep away from favelas and poor areas and always be aware."


Georgaphical and geographicAl fetures

The light blue is the reefs

The reefs are home to eel, clownfish, angelfish, barracudas, Nassau grouper, nurse shark, porcupine fish, sponge, conch, lobster, hogfish, snapper, bonefish and many other fish.



The orange highlighted part is the hotspots in th Bahamas

The islands are full of holiday makers the beaches attract the most attention.

Beaches are one of the reasons it is such a hot spot with over 700 islands and 30 inhabited islands.


Smart traveler advice

Smart traveler does not issue a travel advice for the Bahamas.



Hallo - hello (haloo)

Ha det- goodbye (ha bou)

Mitt navn er - my name is ( mil nam nurrd)



America north

Most of Europe (France Germany ...)

Northern Africa


West Asia

The highlighted area is the area that got invaded


Smart traveler advice

"Keep normal safety precautions in Norway. Use common sense and look out for suspicious behaviour, as you would in Australia. Monitor the media and other sources for changes to local travelling conditions."


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