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What Makes A Good Citizen? Good citizens have have many responsibilities. Such as following and not breaking law because their could be serious consequences for breaking the law. People have many more responsibilities such as paying taxes and obeying the traffic laws. But Good citizens do you have rights like having the right of speech so they can speak their mind whenever or have the right to vote for president if you are of the age to vote. These are just some of the responsibilities and rights a good citizen has.

One responsibility of a citizen is to pay taxes.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a lot of oil in your country is good for their people. Especially because the oil rigs provide jobs for people. People who are unemployed have a lot more chances to get jobs and are more likely to get the job because the more people working on the rig the better. Being a country with a lot of oil preserves gets them a lot of money. Being in the oil industry is good because by exporting oil you are getting a lot of money from the countries raising the countries overall income and they can use the money to improve the country. Having oil as renewable resource can make things a lot better for your country and its people.

This is an oil rig on the ocean

Mount Everest: Is It Worth The Risk?

I totally think it is worth the risk because of theamazing sights you can see. Also if you make it to the top you not only are touching the top of the world but you just scaled one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. Yes it is very dangerous because of the possibility of avalanches, ice falls, something going wrong with your gears and many more bad things could happen. But Mount Everest is the literal definition of the famous saying “slow and steady wins the race” this is because, you have to take your time staying at the camps so you can get used to the air because the higher you go the thinner the air gets. If people don't stay in the camps long enough they can get sick and possibly die. But who wouldn't want to be at the world. Some people spend their whole life training for this amazing expedition.

These are various pictures of Mount Everest


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